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Scaling Scrum

February 11, 2020

Scaling Scrum

Scaling Scrum by Angga Pratama, Ekipa


February 11, 2020

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  1. Do we need it ? 1. How many product backlog

    do you have ? 2. How about the product owner ? 3. Development team skills ? 4. “Definition Of Done”, is it really Done ? 5. Involvement of stakeholders ? 6. How is your Sprint Planning ? 7. Who has the product vision ? https://medium.com/serious-scrum/7-things-to-check-before-you-de cide-to-scale-scrum-881aeec91153
  2. Don’t scale until you have fixed your issues with Scrum

    adoption. Many reasons to scale Scrum can be removed by ‘doing Scrum’ properly. https://medium.com/serious-scrum/assessment-of-6-approaches-to-scale-scrum-46319fcbca1a
  3. 1. Scaling with simplicity in mind 2. One single Product

    Backlog 3. Maximize the value of a Product 4. Multiple scrum teams work together on a product basis 5. Sprint Release as a whole integrated product 6. Sprint Review to demonstrating the product in its entirety. 7. Scale-up to scaling down Scaling Scrum is Just Scrum
  4. Spotify model How they work • Autonomous squad • Tribe

    member < 100 people • Chapter & Guild to increase communication in the company • Scrum in Scrums on demand • Highly Service-Oriented Architecture • System Owner Chapter
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