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GitLab Talk

GitLab Talk

A basic scenario about the GitLab CI/CD using Terraform.

Amaury Borges Souza

September 06, 2022

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  1. Hello! • I am Amaury Borges Souza • Based on

    Monte Mor - SP • I love to give DevOps Talks • DevOps Engineer @kyndryl • Ex Linux SysAdmin @IBM • +9 years of IT experience • Member of SRE Brasil Meetup • Member of DevOps Campinas Meetup • Medium Digital Creator • DM me on Slack @amaury 2
  2. SRE Brasil Meetup Não importa sua experiência, histórico profissional, ou

    nível de conhecimento. Se você quer construir a maior comunidade aberta de tecnologia do brasil você é bem- vindo. 5
  3. Table of Contents 1. CI/CD using GitLab 1. CI/CD Workflow

    2. CI/CD Terms 3. CI/CD Tools Analisys 2. Infrastructure as Code 1. What’s Infrastructure as Code? 2. Infrastructure as Code Workflow 3. Terraform as Code 3. GitOps Approach 4. CNCF (Cloud Native) 1. What’s CNCF? 2. Projects & initiatives & GitOps 3. CNCF Landscape 5. Demo (Hand-on DevOps)
  4. Bringing some questions… Why you are using GitLab, Terraform and

    AWS? How are these tools integrating? How it works? What’s the connection of this with the DevOps? 8
  5. Roadmap 9 1 3 5 6 4 2 DevOps (Collaboration,

    Automation, Communication) Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Pulumi, Ansible) Cloud Native (Argo CI, Kubernetes, Crossplane, FluxCD) Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery Jenkins/GitLab/GitHub Actions GitOps (Infrastructure Automation using Git) Automated DevOps workflow (Comming soon apps bringing scale, elasticity, resiliency, flexibility)
  6. 12 Cloud Native Glossary DevOps CI/CD Infrastructure as Code Terraform

    CNCF Kubernetes Containers Cloud Cluster Machine Learning Ansible Git K8S Kubelet GitOps
  7. CI/CD Tools Analysis 16 Jenkins Open source automation server which

    enable developers to build, test and deploy their app. GitLab Not a Open source tool. Pipeline as Code feature, pipeline based on YML files. Actions is a CI/CD tool for GitHub workflow. Pipelinein YML files, support many Devops Tools. GitHub Actions A CD Tool focused on GitOps workflow inside Kubernetes. Argo CD
  8. What’s (IaC) Infrastructure as Code? Basically IaC is a way

    to use code instead manual process to create and provisioning the resources on Cloud environment. 18
  9. Terraform x Crossplane Basically everything is called via API’s. The

    Crossplane keeps the eyes on the providers API’s until to modify the infrastructure 24
  10. “As part of the Linux Foundation, we provide support, oversight

    and direction for fast-growing, cloud native projects, including Kubernetes, Envoy and Prometheus”. 27
  11. 30 Medium Digital Creator Cloud Native: Conheça projetos, iniciativas e

    uma trilha de estudos. Fonte: https://amaurybsouza.medium.com/cloud- native-conhe%C3%A7a-projetos-iniciativas-e- uma-trilha-de-estudos-9704f7c59d8