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Amazon CloudFront with AWS Certificate Manager

Amazon CloudFront with AWS Certificate Manager

# High speed content delivery using CDN.
# Automated SSL certificate management.

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  1. If you have validation e-mail address and receive mails to

    it, no setting are required any more. 7BMJEBUJPOFNBJMBEESFTT
  2. If you have no validation e-mail address, follow these steps

    to receive mails through AWS SES. 7BMJEBUJPOFNBJMBEESFTT
  3. Set displayed records to your DNS server. If your DNS

    is Route53, simply click [Use Route 53].
  4. After clicking [Use Route 53], some checkbox will appear. Check

    them all then [Create Record Sets]. (only for Route 53 user)
  5. AWS Certificate Manager • SSL certification provided by AWS •

    Available for CloudFront and ELB • No additional fee • Automatically renewal "84$FSUJpDBUF.BOBHFS
  6. Amazon CloudFront • AWS managed CDN service • Low latency

    and reduce server loads • Supports failover if a failure "NB[PO$MPVE'SPOU
  7. You can see that SSL certificate is set to your

 It takes a little while.