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The Meetup Organiser's Field Guide

The Meetup Organiser's Field Guide


Andrew Nesbitt

June 01, 2013


  1. The Meetup Organiser’s Field Guide

  2. Andrew Nesbitt @teabass

  3. None
  4. Nodecopter

  5. Bath Ruby Group

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  7. Starting and Running a Meetup

  8. ✓Support and Grow a community ✓Meet new people ✓Build a

    reputation ✓Fun! Why start a meetup?
  9. ✓Location and Transport links ✓Costs and Requirements ✓Facilites - Projector,

    Audio etc ✓Pubs, Offices, Co-working spaces Finding a Venue
  10. ✓Presentations and Demos ✓Social, Meal or Quiz ✓Ignite or Lightning

    talks ✓Roundtable Discussion ✓Workshops or Hack sessions What type of event?
  11. ✓Experienced Speakers ✓Online communities ✓Mailing lists ✓Twitter ✓Relevant Companies Finding

  12. ✓Consider attendees schedules ✓What day of the week ✓Check for

    clashes Scheduling the event
  13. ✓Charging ✓Sponsorship ✓Community Funding Show me the money

  14. ✓Have a Website ✓Mailing lists ✓Twitter ✓ ✓Lanyrd Getting the

    word out
  15. ✓Be Friendly ✓Keep a tight ship ✓Have fun ✓Record the

    talks ✓Shut down the trolls Running the event
  16. After the Event ✓Get feedback ✓Change what doesn’t work ✓Share

    slides and video ✓Plan the next event
  17. Great Artists Steal ✓Attend other meetups ✓Try out what works

    for them ✓Pick and choose the best practises ✓It’s ok to change things
  18. Organise the event that you want to attend!

  19. Have a great day!