Reactive Programming for Couch Potatoes

46a19926f5dff95126e78b7393019c9e?s=47 Andrew Hao
February 16, 2016

Reactive Programming for Couch Potatoes

You've heard the yapping about functional reactive programming and how it's the bee's knees. But... you can't figure out how it works, and all the math-talk and theory jargon that comes up on Wikipedia is confusing to you.

Fear not! Together, we'll go through the concepts of streams, functions, and data flow. We'll take the concepts apart with diagrams and explain them in plain English.

With this newfound knowledge, we'll build ourselves a pedometer (step counter) with an HTML5 device accelerometer, RxJS (a Javascript FRP library), some gumption, and basic math.

We'll even talk a little bit about how these concepts apply to real
world frameworks like React, Redux, and Elm. In the end, you'll not only get up to speed about reactive programming, you'll be able to have new insights and tools to implement reactive principles in your next project!

Given at meetup, February 2016


Andrew Hao

February 16, 2016