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IPB - Statistika Ria - Aquaculture 4.0

IPB - Statistika Ria - Aquaculture 4.0

I talk on how eFishery use technology to brings The Future of Aquaculture

Ahmad Anshorimuslim Syuhada

October 27, 2019

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  1. Indonesia is the 2nd largest Estimated marine and fishery potential

    $1.2trillion 30.2 million ponds 3.3 million fish farmers $9.4 billion annually 18.7% CAGR $38bn Rest of World $128bn Asia Global Aquaculture Production 2016 Fastest growing food sector
  2. Inefficient and unskilled human labour Over feeding Feed stealing One

    of the biggest negative environmental impact Hurting the profit, no accountability
  3. Hypothesis Fish behaviour can be predicted from water ripples. Different

    ripples produced from different fish activities.
  4. Anshori Head of Engineering Bring the future of Aquaculture “

    +62 852 2475 2182 ans4175@efishery.com