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Early Phase Teams 101

Early Phase Teams 101

Building tech teams from early might be daunting.
Here you could read consequences I made along the way

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  1. Your job is simple “Stay alive while building products &

    teams. Business, through technology. Everything else is secondary.”
  2. On Products “Your products could change Your business could change

    Your market slowly to adapt Your team need to be fulfilled”
  3. Consequences Along The Ways “Business Process? Do things that don’t

    scale, make sales funnel tech/system Pragmatic vs Quality? Most likely change later, optimising for feedback, aware of debt, focus on core value, set data pipeline Small Teams Autonomy? Monolith vs Micro/Macro Services”
  4. Consequences Along The Ways “Hiring Process? Push Talent Bar, Looking

    for sourcing and potential, unique ‘benefit’ Hire Fast or Slow? Optimising team strength, diversification, finding creative ways to solve delivery”
  5. Consequences Along The Ways “Retrospective? Always Looking Inside-Outside Anything Bulls**t

    without context? Quick/Later Decision, Reversible Decision”
  6. Consequences Along The Ways “Create Principle? Conflict resolution, communication problems

    Put People First? Set expected process, continuous improvement, invest in documenting decision (RFCs/ADRs) Put Numbers? Set acceptable metrics, expected outcome Compromise yourself with inefficient process? Something wrong along the way”