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Offline First 101

Offline First 101

Why the term "Offline First" appears? What does it mean? The difference technically and development? And, what are the challenges ahead?

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  1. Graceful Degradation 1. Aggressive Caching Is A Better User Experience

    2. Let People Interact With Their Content. Always. 3. Make Error Messages Informative And Consistent 4. Don’t Let People Start Something They Can’t Finish 5. Design Your Empty States Well 6. Never Show The Raw Error Message
  2. Stack (Data Driven UI) “Any code that depended on server

    logic before now has to implement it itself” “The basic idea behind our sync is to store changes made offline as a series of deltas that are later uploaded to the server” • https://tech.trello.com/sync-architecture/ • https://tech.trello.com/syncing-changes/ CLOUD LOCAL DATA CLIENT UI deltas
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