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Art of Agile

Art of Agile

This is a workshop I delivered internally for all eFishery's Leaders around 2 days of workshop (divided into two group each days respectfully)

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  1. HELLO! I am Anshori I am here because I learnt

    Agile in different way You can find me at @ans4175 2
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  3. WHATS ON MENU TODAY ⊡ Mindset □ Correct the way

    of your thinking ⊡ Exercise □ Warming Up on Agile ⊡ Simulation □ Taste a bit of real world ⊡ Rules of Thumb □ Just a two cents 5
  4. “ “He who has a why to live for can

    bear almost any how.” - Friedrich Nietzsche 8
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  6. MINDSET 11 PLAN REALITY, NOT FANTASY ⊡ Every project involves

    discovery ⊡ Embraces uncertainty ⊡ Precise steps is fictionous reality ⊡ People always bad at estimating ⊡ Traditional Management on Lot of Docs: Merely for Control & Predictability
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  8. MINDSET 13 INSPECT AND ADAPT Every little while, stop doing

    what you’re doing, review what you’ve done, and see if it’s still what you should be doing and how you might do it better
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  11. SIMULATION 31 Plan a wedding with agile ⊡ 4 Sprints

    + Hari-H (Retro after 2nd Sprints each) ⊡ Pick a wedding couple Wedding Projects
  12. Estimate not on how long, but how much effort size

    Use Fibonacci as weighting (1,2,3,5,8,13) Challenge other by consensus Refine weighting Broken Down Manageable Tasks Detailing until it makes sense Consensus as problem solving Prioritize with Leverage Re-organize based on leverage: Theme, Important, Effort, Value PLANNING 40
  13. ⊡ Plan by task estimation: Traditional Due Date ⊡ Plan

    by time constraint: Rocks in a Jar Strategy ⊡ Plan by people capacities: A Task at a Time I used 1-3 based on level: Veteran (1), Normal (2), Rookie (3) PLANNING 41
  14. Half Complete not Half Done Be reasonable Know your limit

    It’s a marathon, not just one sprint Focus Don’t do context switching Limit unnecessary meeting Do one task at a time DO 42
  15. Blaming is stupid Remove 3Ms Process, don’t blame individual Muda:

    Unneeded actions Mura: Inconsistency Muri: Irrational Check regularly: tight, loose, loosely Continuous Learning and Improvement Severity: daily, weekly, bi-weekly Know your velocity Retrospective not Reactive CHECK 43
  16. Make everything measurable Track your progress Measure your metric: ⊡

    Velocity ⊡ Value ⊡ Cycle Time Make it Fun “People over processes” Make everything visible Don’t remember but check and see ACT 44