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How To Sustain a Startup

How To Sustain a Startup

This was delivered during Startup Class #1 at Cubic.Id (Workplace.53)
In this speak I talked about my journey from an early employee through company grow 5x than initial join.

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  1. ANSHORI A JOURNEY • 2016 (Software Engineer) • 2017 (Lead

    Engineer) • 2018 (Head of Engineering)
  2. PROTOTYPING PHASE 2013-2015 • Know your problem • Create a

    solution • Get your team • Don’t “die” while on it
  3. FIRST COMMERCIAL RELEASE 2016 • Know your market early •

    Create work processes • Focus on your slowest part • Don’t hire too fast • Don’t handle too much
  4. NEW MARKET PHASE 2017 • Adapt to your market •

    Venture on another revenue model • Create Culture • Don’t hesitate to criticize your product
  5. NEW VENTURE PHASE 2018 • Pragmatic Idealist • Partnering with

    others • Organize your team and process to scale • Don’t forget your customer
  6. SHIFTING PHASE 2019 • Innovate on Scale • Focus on

    Why, not a Product • Don’t forget your culture