Taming Infrastructure Workflow at Scale with Terraform

Taming Infrastructure Workflow at Scale with Terraform

Today’s cloud infrastructure is really complex. What if you could truly make this infrastructure a black box? What if you could mutate this infrastructure safely and easily? See how to use Terraform efficiently across hundreds of developers leveraging infrastructure as code and Terraform modules.

As more operations choices are added to your data center, whether through company acquisitions, a growing development team, or general technical debt, managing infrastructure complexity becomes a nightmare. Yet the end goal is still the same — safely deploy your application to your infrastructure. We need to tame our data centers by managing change across systems, enforcing policies, and by establishing a workflow for both developers and operations engineers to build in a collaborative environment.

This talk will discuss the problems faced in managing a modern cloud infrastructure, and how a set of innovative open source tools like Terraform can be used to tame the rising complexity curve. Terraform builds on years of research on graph theory to model the relationships between infrastructure resources so operators can safely manage and change infrastructure resources across bare metal, IaaS, PasS, and SaaS. Terraform models and potentially prevents that simple change with unforeseen consequences so operators don't have to.

Join me as I take you on a journey of using Terraform as we take control of our cloud infrastructure. This goal of this demo driven talk is to showcase how Terraform can help build multi-tier application infrastructure supporting multiple cloud platforms and services.

This talk was given at NDC Oslo 2018. For more details visit: https://ndcoslo.com/talk/taming-infrastructure-workflow-at-scale/

Github repository for the live demo done during the talk: https://github.com/anubhavmishra/terraform-workflow-examples


Anubhav Mishra

June 13, 2018