Taming Infrastructure Workflow at Scale (RootConf Hyderabad)

Taming Infrastructure Workflow at Scale (RootConf Hyderabad)

# Description

As more operations choices are added to your data center, whether through company acquisitions, a growing development team, or general technical debt, managing infrastructure complexity becomes a nightmare. Yet the end goal is still the same — safely deploy your application to your infrastructure. We need to tame our data centers by managing change across systems, enforcing policies, and by establishing a workflow for both developers and operations engineers to build in a collaborative environment.

This talk will discuss the problems faced in managing a modern cloud infrastructure, and how a set of innovative open source tools like Terraform can be used to tame the rising complexity curve.

Join me as I take you on a journey of exploring Infrastructure as Code techniques as we take control of our cloud infrastructure. This goal of this demo driven talk is to showcase how you can build multi-tier application infrastructure supporting multiple cloud platforms and services using IAC.

RootConf Hyderabad talk schedule link: https://hasgeek.com/rootconf/2019-hyderabad/schedule/taming-infrastructure-workflow-at-scale-LJSyh9DPfxq7p8zM23hbzn


Anubhav Mishra

November 16, 2019