Living Design

0f6ccdd935ce93750fcc527764c7abfc?s=47 Andy Polaine
August 11, 2017

Living Design

Presented at UX Australia 2017

We are entering an era of Living Services, services that respond to us by wrapping around us, constantly learning more about our needs, intents and preferences, so that they can flex and adapt to make themselves more relevant, engaging and useful. They are powered by our personal data, collected from sensor-rich objects and devices we interact with, apps and everyday services we use, as well as historical behavioral and third-party contextual data. With every trigger, a living service orchestrates and presents a unique experience that is tailored to the needs of the customer at that particular point in time.

This presents enormous challenges and opportunities for UX and service designers. How do we accurately design for highly personalised and ever-shifting experiences that have a demographic of one? What is the designed or branded experience if it is responding and adapting to us all the time, meaning my experience is vastly different from yours and millions of other unique experiences? If AI is the new UI, does this mean personality the new UX? How do we design for that?

This talk explores the building blocks of living design based on the past few years of thinking and making at Fjord and reveals the methodology that we have developed for the first time publicly in Australia.


Andy Polaine

August 11, 2017