Analyzing Latency of IO events

Analyzing Latency of IO events

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So, this is an ongoing investigation of KVM blockIO event tracing and analysis, within the performance engineering team at Red Hat. During this process, we have come come across a few anomalies which we'd like to share with the community to gain support and contribution for tooling/kernel modules of Linux, associated with performance. We have, as a part of this investigation, also released a couple of tools, which we'd like to showcase at DevConf.

This talk is intended for system admins as well as those seeking general performance tuning/analysis. The lab would be a mix of a brief overview followed by a hands on tracing of events, analysis of a test case and reaching conclusions based on that result.

The project link is a work in progress but we have released some utilities and will continue to work on the following repositories as well:

Please note that runs perfectly on fedora 23. If you have other distros/versions, kindly at least do the following, to speed up the workshop:

install the pip2 module perf-script-postprocessor. You might get dependency erros on rpm based systems. So install the equivalent of following packages.
gcc lapack lapack-devel blas blas-devel gcc-gfortran gcc-c++ liblas libffi-devel libxml-devel libxml2-devel libxslt-devel redhat-rpm-config

install @Virtualization packages for your distro, as well as qemu-kvm we could use virsh / virt-install / qemu-kvm as accelerator..

run the following part from, as following..

# ./




Archit Sharma

February 05, 2016