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Unleashing Success

January 24, 2024

Unleashing Success

The Power of Product Mindset & Customer Centricity in Platform as a Product - LoPUG - 24/01/2024 - https://www.meetup.com/london-platform-user-group-lopug/events/297820539/


January 24, 2024


  1. armakuni.com Unleashing Success: The Power of Product Mindset & Customer-Centricity

    in Platform as a Product Faye Benfield & Zenon Hannick
  2. User Research To tackle: assuming we know what users need

    • Deep, authentic, understanding of users is generated over time, continuously. • Gather user feedback regularly • Build empathy • So that, you increase information quality
  3. Understand the End to End Value Chain To tackle: Assuming

    we know what our users need Value stream mapping • Places user at the centre • Focuses on flow of value • Provides metrics
  4. Whole team ownership of product practice To tackle: Feature Factory

    of Outputs • It starts with a conversation • Story writing is a whole team responsibility • It ends with high quality outcomes
  5. Sensing For An Emergent Platform To tackle: Building One Platform

    to Rule them All • You can not know how your platform should develop • Build with the “Thinnest Viable Platform” across the whole life of the platform
  6. Thinnest Viable Platform Smallest set of APIs, documentation, and tools

    needed to accelerate teams developing modern software services and systems
  7. Sensing for an Emergent Platform To tackle: Building One Platform

    to Rule them All Experimentation • We believe <this capability> • Will result in <this outcome> • We will have confidence to proceed when <we see a measurable signal> https://barryoreilly.com/explore/blog/how-to-implement-hypothesis-driven-development/
  8. Discoverability and onboarding To tackle - Adding to end users

    cognitive load • Identify your target users • Get their input to design the onboarding process • Promote the platform, utilise existing forums • Ask your early adopters to promote it to others
  9. Simple to discover and easy to use Key to a

    successful internal platform “Create a path of least resistance. Make the right thing the easiest thing to do’ Evan Bottcher, 2018
  10. Further Reading & Resources • https://www.productplan.com/glossary/platform -product-manager/ • https://martinfowler.com/articles/talk-about-pla tforms.html

    • https://www.forbes.com/sites/ciocentral/2017/0 3/22/product-and-platform/ • https://www.thoughtworks.com/en-gb/insights/ articles/infrastructure-as-product • https://teamtopologies.com/videos-slides/what-i s-platform-as-a-product-clues-from-team-topol ogies
  11. Platform as a Product Videos • Team Topologies - Why

    Platform as a Product Video • What is the true value of a platform? • Creating Metrics to Measure your Internal Platform • Managing your Platform as a Product • The ins and outs of delivering your platform as a product • Introducing product into your platform • Fast Flow Conference - A Team Topologies Conference ◦ Cognitive Load: Bogged Down and Burnt Out ◦ Bring Product Thinking to you Platform