How to have a conversation

33a8eda64dec30551fd0b474443e4b35?s=47 Armakuni
December 06, 2019

How to have a conversation

To quote Mike Cohn, stories 'serve as placeholders for conversations.'

Despite this being a well known idea, everyone has had at least one experience of a badly defined story leading to the wrong thing being built.

In this workshop I will give you a framework to make those placeholders become conversations that are learning experiences that lead to great features.

We will cover running refinement sessions using the Three Amigos style:

Starting with a description of that that is anyway (Gotta start somewhere).
Lightweight psychology of people in teams (Amigos means friends, how do you get to that).
Activities to keep your refinement sessions fresh (there are three quizillion retro formats, why should retros be the only fun thing?)
How to feed that outcome back into your backlog. (We've learned something - and we need it to stay learned).

We'll be trying out some of the activities, and (time dependant) we will run a fish bowl on your specific problems.



December 06, 2019