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Cognitive Overload: Bogged Down & Burned Out

Cognitive Overload: Bogged Down & Burned Out


May 25, 2023

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  1. Cognitive Overload: Bogged Down & Burned Out Ben Dodd &

    Billie Thompson @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  2. 62% of the people who were struggling to manage their

    workloads had experienced burnout “often” or “extremely often” in the previous three months. Source: https://hbr.org/2021/02/beyond-burned-out @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  3. 89% of respondents said their work life was getting worse.

    Source: https://hbr.org/2021/02/beyond-burned-out @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  4. 🧠 Cognitive Load “the total amount of mental effort used

    in the working memory” @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  5. Intrinsic Extraneous Germane What mental effort is directly needed by

    the problem 8x17+14= ? @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  6. Intrinsic Extraneous Germane What mental effort is directly needed by

    the problem 8x17+14= 150 @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  7. As an Individual • Using a tool I don’t know

    • I can use ✨SHINY✨ • Me not being sure how we will even do that As a Team • The work doesn’t ever quite work right • Work takes a long time to complete • Lots of work being done, but not much value being delivered From the inside Intrinsic feels like… @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  8. Intrinsic Extraneous Germane The environment the work is being done

    in Like on stage in front of a room full of people @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  9. As an Individual • The X sucks • Co-workers are

    scary • Ugh, bureaucracy As a Team • Lots of tasks waiting on another team • Complaints about things being complex From the inside Extraneous feels like… @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  10. Intrinsic Extraneous Germane Areas of the work that need special

    attention Not fluffing that last audience interaction @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  11. As an Individual • We need to ask X about

    this • Let's run an experiment • I need to do Y to find out As a Team • Discussions of agreements between teams • Reports of research in demos • The important bits seem to take the most time From the inside Germane feels like… @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  12. When you start hitting the limits Limits of working memory

    Intrinsic Intrinsic Extraneous Extraneous Intrinsic Extraneous Germane Source: From Fraser, K. et al. (2018) “Cognitive Load Theory for debriefing simulations” @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  13. ↘ SimpLEEfy Intrinsic examples Hiring for Aptitude Technology Selection Just

    Enough Docs Effective Upskilling @PurpleBooth @BenDodd ⬇ MINImise Extraneous examples DevEx Platform Groups Golden Paths Community ⬆ MAXimise Germane examples 👈 Optimise these Just Enough Roadmap Talk to customers End-of-Life Features
  14. Cognitive Load Assessment Day 1 Commit Drill Technology Radars Hiring

    Retrospectives Activity Accounting @PurpleBooth @BenDodd Value Stream Mapping Core Domain Charting Event & Domain Mapping Pizza & Delete Party Ask for help Optimisation Activities
  15. Control Data Acquisition Platform Group Stream-aligned UNO Data Integration As

    a service Analytics / Insight Enabling UNO Hub Platform Enabling Team S-A T Enabling Team After @PurpleBooth @BenDodd
  16. ✅ Impacts of cognitive load ✅ Types of cognitive load

    ✅ How to optimise cognitive load ✅ Activities to try out tomorrow @PurpleBooth @BenDodd @PurpleBooth @BenDodd