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Ridiculous Scientific Names

Ridiculous Scientific Names

Arnelle Balane

January 13, 2022

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  1. ridiculous scientific names

  2. None
  3. Trilobite The scientist’s friends dared him to name a species

    after a Star Wars character, as most of the characters' names sound like scientific names Han solo
  4. None
  5. Flightless Weevil The name is derived from a parallel being

    drawn between the dense scales on the head and legs of this species, and the Star Wars character Chewbacca Trigonopterus chewbacca
  6. None
  7. Mite The name arises from the shape of the gnathosoma

    (the collective term for mite mouthparts, or roughly, everything in the figure above the insertion of the first legs) Darthvaderum greensladeae
  8. Fungus Beetle Named after the fictional character Darth Vader by

    Cornell University entomologists due to its shiny helmet-like head that resembles that of the Star Wars villain Agathidium vaderi
  9. None
  10. Acorn Worm Has large lips on either side of its

    head region that reminded researchers of the floppy-eared Stars Wars character Yoda, and purpurata means “purple” Yoda purpurata
  11. None
  12. Spider The scientists who discovered the spider noted that its

    body shape bears a striking resemblance to the sentient, rhyming Sorting Hat at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Eriovixia gryffindori
  13. None
  14. Parasitic Wasp "Just as Lucius Malfoy is pardoned after separating

    from Voldemort's allies, I'm asking people to pardon wasps in order to restore their reputation as interesting, important creatures," Lusius malfoyi
  15. None
  16. Harryplax severus Crab Named after Professor Severus Snape, for his

    ability to keep one of the most important secrets in the story, just like this crab which has eluded discovery until now, nearly 20 years after it was first collected
  17. None
  18. Bristletail The name refers to Gollum’s original name, who, in

    his epigean origin, was a hobbit named Smeagol Gollumjapyx smeagol
  19. None
  20. Tree Frog It was named after Sauron, from The Lord

    of the Rings in reference to his striking red and black mottled eyes Litoria sauroni
  21. None
  22. Fungus Spongiforma refers to the sponge-like nature of the fungus,

    while squarepantsii is a Latinisation of the character SpongeBob SquarePants, whose shape kind of resembles the fungus Spongiforma squarepantsii
  23. None
  24. Bee The name is in homage to the fictional monster

    which this species resembles Chilicola charizard
  25. None
  26. Armored Catfish Named after Batman because of the pigmented mark

    on its tail fin, which resembles Batman's chest symbol Otocinclus batmani
  27. None
  28. Velvet Worm The collectors of the first specimen requested it

    be named totoro as they were reminded of the multiple legged caterpillar-like Catbus in the film when they saw the crawling velvet worm Eoperipatus totoro
  29. None
  30. Carabid Beetle The name references Arnold Schwarzenegger, because of the

    markedly developed '(biceps-like)' middle femora of the males Agra schwarzeneggeri
  31. None
  32. Parasitic Wasp While thinking of a name for one of

    the new wasps, the scientist recalled her long hours of studying in her laboratory right under the poster of her favourite film actor Conobregma bradpitti
  33. None
  34. Rifle Beetle Named after actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio to

    acknowledge his work in "promoting environmental awareness and bringing the problems of climate change and biodiversity loss into the spotlight" Grouvellinus leonardodicaprioi
  35. None
  36. Spider The name honours former US president Barack Obama for

    the dignity, humanitarianism, statesmanship and respect he brought to the oval office; a true world leader Spintharus barackobamai
  37. None
  38. Wolverine Wolf Spider The name honours the Australian actor Hugh

    Jackman, who played Wolverine in the X-Men film series, for his extraordinary artistic skills and more so for his numerous philanthropic activities Tasmanicosa hughjackmani
  39. None
  40. Horse Fly The scientist named it after Beyoncé because he

    thought the distinctive golden hairs on the fly’s lower abdomen made the fly “bootylicious” – a term made famous by a song of the same name in 2001 by Beyoncé’s former group Destiny’s Child Scaptia beyonceae
  41. None
  42. Parasitic Wasp Since parasitism by this species causes the host

    caterpillar to bend and twist its abdomen in various ways, and Shakira is also famous for her belly-dancing, the name seems appropriate for this species Aleiodes shakirae
  43. None
  44. Stream Tree Frog Named in honor of the Prince of

    Wales for the royal’s work to preserve tropical forests, including his efforts to mobilize support for a program to compensate developing countries for conserving their rainforests Hyloscirtus princecharlesi