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Xamarin Source Quest

Atsushi Eno
September 30, 2016

Xamarin Source Quest

.NET Fringe Japan 2016

Atsushi Eno

September 30, 2016

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  1. What is this session for ? ◉ You get better

    understanding on Xamarin/Mono sources and become able to ◦ track Xamarin issues, or ◦ understand how Xamarin frameworks work ◉ Xamarin got OSS-ed, but hard to read them ◉ I don't want to keep my knowledge on Xamarin things only to myself
  2. You'd like to read sources when.... ◉ You're facing stack

    traces while debugging ◉ You're wondering how the framework works ◉ You're exploring new features You'd like to check the sources
  3. Are Xamarin sources difficult? ◉ It is. Because... ◦ there

    are many modules and module dependencies ◦ sources gap between product versions ◦ for some parts, complete build is impossible (!?)
  4. Available on github ◉ mono/mono ◉ mono/monodevelop ◉ xamarin/xamarin-macios ◉

    xamarin/xamarin-android ◉ xamarin/Xamarin.Forms ◉ many Xamarin Components Which sources are available ? N/A ◉ IDE addins (XS, VS) ◉ inspector, workbooks ◉ profiler ◉ UITest (test cloud)
  5. Getting precise build versions Sources are different if versions don't

    match... though, XiOS/XA rev. != OSS repo rev.
  6. Getting precise build branch Xamarin release "cycles" (cycle7, cycle8, cycle9

    ...) https://developer.xamarin.com/releases/current/ ◉ xamarin-macios, xamarin-android: cycle https://github.com/xamarin/xamarin-macios/branches/cycle8 ◉ mono, monodevelop: historical versions https://github.com/mono/mono/branches/mono-4-8-0-branch ◉ Components, Forms: independent versioning
  7. Getting precise stack trace ◉ Know your runtime. It only

    applies to mono ◦ Apps on iOS, Android, Mac ◦ Windows - most unlikely, depends on code. ◉ Useful mono runtime options ◦ --debug to get line numbers. ◦ -O=-all to get precise line numbers ▪ disables optimizations ▪ should not matter, but it often does... • longstanding issue... JIT is difficult
  8. diagnose: mono --trace ◉ AssemblyName ◉ T:Full.Type.Name ◉ N:Namespace.Name ◉

    M:Full.Type.Name:Method (use colon) ◉ E:Full.Exception.Type.Name (or "all") $ mono --help-trace $ mono --trace=System.Xml.Linq,N:System.Xml.XPath,E:all x.exe Note that sometimes method call is JITted away...
  9. Specify runtime options ◉ Desktop executable (console, Xamarin.Mac) ◦ mono

    [options] {foobar.exe} ◉ monodevelop, Xamarin Studio ◦ MONO_OPTIONS=[options] monodevelop ◉ Xamarin.Android ◦ adb shell setprop debug.mono.env [options] ◦ adb shell setprop debug.mono.debug 1 (environment) ◉ Xamarin.iOS ◦ 'Run' option on the IDE (MONO_TRACE=... etc.)
  10. building mono from source ◉ Prepare *nix environment (macosx, linux,

    WSL, cygwin) ◦ Windows binaries: cross build or cygwin ◉ git clone --recursive <URL>; ./autogen.sh; make; make install ◦ --disable-nls on cygwin ◉ incremental builds - be careful, it's been broken (a while) ◦ BK: run "make;make;make" to make sure to build(!?)
  11. mono source diretories mono mono [C runtime] mcs [C#] mcs

    [compiler] (being deprecated) class [libraries] tools class lib {assembly, sometimes group} {namespace} {class}.cs Test referencesource Facades
  12. framework profiles different profiles / set of assemblies in mcs/class/lib:

    ◉ basic - minimum build to build "build" profile ◉ monolite - downloadable binaries of "basic" equivalents ◉ build - the profile which is used to build everything ◉ net4_x - desktop profile ◉ xbuild_12, xbuild_14 - profile to run xbuild ◉ monotouch, monodroid - if you are building mobile basic: built by system (preinstalled) mono / build: built by basic
  13. dll.sources: the list of sources > because it's not in

    the list? They are per profile. corlib.dll.sources -> default net_4_x_corlib.dll.sources -> net_4_x often #include-d in those files > checked #if MONOTOUCH, #if MONODROID, #if MOBILE ? "I'm making changes but it does not get compiled!"
  14. making changes in mono ◉ classlibs (./mcs/class) ◦ `make [PROFILE=xxx]`

    => mcs/class/lib/xxx ◦ `make run-test` in the assembly dir for minimum tests. ◉ compiler (./mcs/mcs) ◦ see mcs/tests and mcs/errors (check expected errors) ◉ runtime (./mono) ◦ `make` in mono ◉ full tests: `make check` at top-level dir. ◦ (yet, jenkins build should run for each mono PRs) make changes, run tests, create a PR! cf. Inside Xamarin #3
  15. useful mono hacking tips ◉ MONO_PATH={topdir}/mcs/class/lib/net_4_x {topdir}/mono/runtime/mono-wrapper [YourApp.exe] ... to

    try your local changes without installing. ◉ mobile builds: ./configure --with-monotouch, --with-monodroid, --with-xammac etc. ◉ Mono framework assemblies for mobiles can be copied to: ◦ $(installed_dir)/lib/xbuild-frameworks/{product}/v1.0 ▪ `Facades` subdir too.
  16. MSBuild: .NET build engine ◉ Why MSBuild now? ◦ Xamarin

    Platform "SDK" = console dev. tools and Fx. ◦ xamarin-android, xamarin-macios and Xamarin.Forms depend on MSBuild system. ▪ like Android does on Gradle, Apple does no xcodebuild ◉ xbuild on Mono so far (`msbuild` in the future) ◉ XA, XiOS, XM and XF extend each set of MSBuild tasks.
  17. MSBuild tasks and targets Fx. devs maintain *.targets: custom <Target>s:

    xbuild /t:SignAndroidPackage property overrides: $(BuildDependsOn), ... custom properties: xbuild /p:XamMacArch=x86_64 List of Xamarin targets & props ("Build Process") Tasks DLLs: should contain Task implementation classses. *.targets and *.dlls: placed in a subdir under $(MSBuildExtensionsPath) Task Writing: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/t9883dzc.aspx
  18. Xamarin.iOS / Xamarin.Mac What are they? ◉ Framework assemblies (objc

    interop with iOS, macOS etc.) ◉ native runtime "libmonotouch" ◉ MSBuild extensions ◉ App build toolchains: mtouch etc. ◉ Binding build toolchains: btouch etc. Objective-sharpie ◉ Visual Studio/MonoDevelop addins to support ◉ Inspector, Profiler etc. Inside Xamarin (5) (Xamarin.iOSのソフトウェア構成要素) 10/4
  19. xamarin-macios: frameworks configure && make && make install (or install-system)

    => built outputs: _ios-build and _mac-build Xamarin.iOS.sln, Xamarin.Mac.sln : framework src: iOS/watchOS/tvOS/macOS assemblies, and btouch etc. tools: packaging tools (mtouch, mmp) etc. runtime: libmonotouch, using external/(watch-)mono
  20. xamarin-macios: build tools ◉ might be helpful when investigating build

    failures... ◦ Build logging: diagnostic (or, xbuild /v:diag) ◉ mtouch (Xamarin.iOS.sln), mmp (Xamarin.Mac.sln) ◦ the app build tool - linking, AOT, packaging, signing ◦ IDEs also do those jobs too (e.g. mac codesign) ◉ MSBuild Tasks (msbuild/Xamarin.MacDev.Tasks.sln) ◦ msbuild/Xamarin.{iOS|Mac}.Tasks - apps ◦ Xamarin.MacDev (external/Xamarin.MacDev) ▪ .NET API to manipulate SDKs ◦ msbuild/Xamarin.ObjCBinding.Tasks - bindings
  21. Xamarin.Android What are they? ◉ Framework assemblies: Mono.Android.dll etc. ◉

    native runtime "libmonodroid" ◉ MSBuild extensions ◉ Binding build toolchains: generator etc. ◉ Debugging support (shared runtime, Xamarin.Android.Debugging.Tasks.dll) ◉ Visual Studio/MonoDevelop addins to support ◉ Inspector, Profiler etc. grimoire of Android オープンソース化された Xamarin.Androidの概要 Inside Xamarin #7
  22. Xamarin.Android platform make prepare & make all in Xamarin.Android.sln (but

    not really editable...) ◉ src/Mono.Android (Mono.Android.dll) ◦ (kind of) standard binding project ◦ partly hand-written, API XML prebuilt and "api-merge"d ◦ lots of metadata fixup in .csv files ◉ external/Java.Interop/src/Java.Interop (Java.Interop.dll) ◦ JNIEnv and co. ◦ *may* work with desktop Java
  23. Java Android Platform ◉ investigate underlying Android Fx behavior ◦

    platform/frameworks/base ▪ android.googlesource.com (original) ▪ github/Android (mirrors) ▪ tools.oesf.biz (OESF Android code search) ◦ android-sdk-[windows|macosx|linux]/sources
  24. Android MSBuild Tasks MSBuild Tasks (src/Xamarin.Android.Build.Tasks) ◉ Xamarin.Android.Common.targets for App

    projects ◉ tasks: GenerateResourceDesigner, LinkAssemblies, CompileToDalvik etc. ◉ remember: no debugging support (no Fast Deployment) ◉ Xamarin.Android.Bindings.targets for Java binding projects
  25. Android binding generator in java.interop: ◉ converts *.jar/*.aar -> *.xml

    -> *.cs -> *.dll ◉ API parsing: ◦ ~cycle8: "jar2xml" (not in OSS repo) ◦ cycle9~: "class-parse" ▪ src/Xamarin.Android.Tools.Bytecode ▪ src/Xamarin.Android.Tools.ApiXmlAdjuster ◉ API XML fixup and C# generation: tools/generator
  26. XamarinComponents Start from github/xamarin/XamarinComponents... ◉ AndroidSupportComponents ◦ branches per m2repository

    rev. ◉ GooglePlayServicesComponents ◦ (ditto) ◉ ... mostly normal iOS/Android libs.
  27. Xamarin.Forms https://github.com/xamarin/Xamarin.Forms/ Basically a set of mobile libraries and MSBuild

    tasks (nupkg-ed) to run xamlg, xamlc Xamarin.Forms.Core Xamarin.Forms.Platform.* Xamarin.Forms.Xaml - its own parser impl.
  28. tracking sources If the current thread is the UI thread,

    then the action is executed immediately. If the current thread is not the UI thread, the action is posted to the event queue of the UI thread. Xamarin.Forms.Core/Device.cs Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android/Forms.cs android-sdk-*/sources/android-24/android/app/Activity.java
  29. Is Android HttpClient alright? HttpClient.Android.cs ...GetDefaultHandler() ...Wat? Type type =

    Type.GetType("Android.Runtime.AndroidEnvironment, Mono.Android"); ... MethodInfo method = type.GetMethod ("GetHttpMessageHandler", BindingFlags.Static | BindingFlags.NonPublic); ... object ret = method.Invoke (null, null); if (ret == null) return GetFallback ("Xamarin.Android returned no custom HttpClientHandler");
  30. Is Android HttpClient alright? github/xamarin/xamarin-android... AndroidEnvironment.GetHttpMessageHandler() ... returns null (by

    default) default HttpClientHandler's Dispose(): if (disposing && !disposed) { Volatile.Write (ref disposed, true); ServicePointManager.CloseConnectionGroup (connectionGroupName); }
  31. Many ways to contribute It's not just code ◉ code

    (github) ◦ bugfixes ◦ implement a new feature ◉ bugzilla.xamarin.com ◦ github issues - second citizens ◉ components/bindings, Xam plugins, IDE addins ◉ other general stuff (blogs, writing apps, libs, meetups...)
  32. How to contribute to repos ◉ github flow: send pull

    requests ◦ git branch [bname] ◦ git checkout [bname] ◦ <make changes> ◦ git commit ◦ fork on github ◦ git remote add [youralias] [forkURL] ◦ git push [youralias] [bname] ◦ open repo web and create PR (you'll be navigated) ◉ MS CLA (contributors license agreement) is required
  33. coding conventions ◉ depends on project ◦ Mostly mono coding

    guidelines rule ◦ Xamarin.Forms follows VS style ◦ Xamarin Studio has code formats for both ◉ Adding tests for better contribution ◦ We use NUnit almost everywhere ◦ NUnit is similar to MSTest / xunit