Auctria Webinar: Finding Items for Your Auction Fundraiser

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December 05, 2018

Auctria Webinar: Finding Items for Your Auction Fundraiser

Learn about ways to maximize your fund raising through awesome donations for your auction.



December 05, 2018


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    Agenda: Finding Items for the Auction Fundraiser Where to find

    the good stuff 1. Understand the auction audience 2. Procurement letter basics 3. Who and when to ask 4. Online requests 5. No-risk items 6. Questions & Answers
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    About Auctria • 21,000 auctions • 1.6 million bidders •

    1.4 million items • 2.3 million bids • Over $100 million in credit card charges
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    The auction audience Understand what the auction audience will bid

    upon & be creative • Define the audience • Historical data • National products & services • Sports • Unique experiences • Large ticket items • Local treasures • Priceless items • Keepsake items
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    Be Prepared Be prepared and organized • Create an online

    presence • Map out all the important dates • Timing requests • Keep accurate records • Single person and location to store donated items • No thank you is okay • Do thank the donors after the event, plan for this now BONUS: being organized helps keep volunteers happy
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    Procurement Letter Basics Answer the question “What does the donor

    get out of it?” • Be nice • Be short • Be direct • Single page • Include ALL key information • Call to action
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    Who and When to Ask for Auction Donations In-Person Requests

    • ALWAYS have a procurement letter available • Ask all stakeholders • Ask all prior donors • Ask as you are using services or making a retail purchase • Leave plenty of time but not too much time between request and closing date
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    Finding Donations Online Online Requests • ALWAYS have a procurement

    letter available • Many request additional information for verification such as tax id number, or school number • Tend to have a much longer lead time • May have limit on number of times requesting in a year or 2 years • Follow Auctria boards for over 500 links to donation request letters
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    Online Donation Request Mega-Auction Donation Board • Retail, services •

    All major zoos & aquariums • All major theme parks • Water park • Movie theatre • Arts & Culture experiences • Museums • Restaurants • Grocery & convenience stores • Manufacturer
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    Online Donation Request- Sports Related Sports Requests: national, local, collegiate

    • All professional teams donate: NFL, NBA, NHL • Most collegiate and minor league teams donate. • Many locally loved sports establishments donate, think high school, tennis center golf courses, batting cage. • Local kids recreational leagues will donate a seasonal registration.
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    Priceless Auction Items Keepsakes & Priceless • Emotional attachment to

    keepsakes • Good match for schools and groups • One of a kind items Priceless • Unique to the group • VIP anything- table, event seating, parking, access, early or late arrival • Food at the event such as desserts • Access to special people or events
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    Keepsake Items of Auction Examples Keepsakes are great marketing tools.

    Use these to promote the auction to encourage participation. Print display pages, send in emails that are targeted to the exact audience/ class. These items went for over $350.
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    Priceless Auction Item Examples Priceless are unique and one-of-kind. Priceless

    are experiential can be long term or short term. Create value out of something that is not ordinary or available on the retail market. Because they are one-of-a-kind it drives bids up.
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    Accept Items in Auctria Auction website is already created •

    Add page → • Content → • Others • Drag and drop element onto page
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    More Auction Donations "One-stop shop" access to donated products

    from companies for silent auctions, raffles, giveaways. • Pros- Free to use and secure 5 items, only one application to complete, instant delivery of printable gift certificates • Cons- Selection limited in some areas
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    No Risk Auction Items No-Risk Auction Items Sports memorabilia, pop

    culture collectibles, vacation & luxury packages • Unique and not available on the open market for sale • NEVER be asked for a deposit or guarantee • Get the small details in writing: shipping, airfare, black-out or exact dates & times, delivery services • Guaranteed authenticity Remember- there is a minimum bid and that is the commission that will be paid back to the no-risk company
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    No Risk Item Examples No-Risk Auction Items* • Sports memorabilia

    and Pop culture collectibles • Vacation & Luxury packages Used to attract bidders, market the event, should be low pressure, use multiple photos for these items Remember: the more bidders, the higher the bids, the more funds raised. *several links on resources page
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    Don’t Do This Don’t Do Any of the Following 1.

    Be too pushy 2. Email when it says hand deliver or vica versa 3. Be wishy washy about picking up donations 4. Be scattered 5. Ask at super busy times 6. Wait too long to create a digital presence 7. Wait too long to distribute thank you letters 8. Waste your time with promotional offers
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    Wrap Up & Next Steps Procurement is greatly enhanced with

    early promotion • Track all donors and items • Website set-up • Branding the auction • Establish social media presence early • Pricing items • Promoting items
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    Resources Links Complete Catalog How to Run an Auction Fundraiser

    Solicit Auction Items Online Auctria Procurement Letter: How to & Examples Keepsakes & Priceless Items Do and Don’t Do: Asking for Auction Donations Pinterest: Auctria’s Mega Donations Board Pinterest: Auctria’s Mega Sports Board Pinterest: Auctria’s Keepsakes & Priceless Board Article: Pumpkin Auction Article: Christmas Tree Auction Items Article: Mango King Auction Item Article: Trash to Treasure Donation Match DSC No Risk Auction Items Montrechay Luxury Auction Items