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How to Produce a Virtual Event Fundraiser: with Professional Event Producer, Anca Trifa

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February 09, 2021

How to Produce a Virtual Event Fundraiser: with Professional Event Producer, Anca Trifa

How to Produce a Virtual Event Fundraiser: with Professional Event Producer, Anca Trifan



February 09, 2021


  1. How to Produce a Virtual Event Fundraiser: with Professional Event

    Producer, Anca Trifan of Tree-Fan Events
  2. Q4 2020 over 1500 auction & event fundraisers

  3. Welcome Anca

  4. Agenda: Virtual Event • Benefits & Considerations • Types of

    virtual fundraising events • The four T’s behind virtual events • Strategic Planning • Roles & responsibilities • Tools & Technology • Technical Run-Through • Lessons Learned • Q + A
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  7. Virtual Event Benefits & Considerations Benefits • Longer format to

    engage and share impact messaging • Tie in the online auction • Messaging from leadership • Have fun • Connect with a purpose • Impact Storytelling • Pre-party or post-party • Live chat • Public recognition of donors Considerations • Filling the time with meaningful content • Detailed script and run of show • Getting the audience to tune in • Keeping the attention of the audience • Enough of an audience to make it work • Enough bidders to bid on live auction items • Technology, Production & Partners Plan for multiple practices with everyone involved.
  8. Event Format Predictions

  9. Strategic Planning Before hosting a virtual event, answer the following

    questions: • What format will your event be? • What kind of experience do you hope to deliver? • Will you require event registration? Free or paid? • How and where will you promote the event? • When is the best day and time for a virtual event? • What technology is needed to execute the event? • Where and how do I want the content to be seen? • What Key Performance Indicators do you plan to track?
  10. #1 Ingredient for Virtual Events: Reliable Internet Perform an internet

    Check by going to www.fast.com before you GO LIVE and check that the Upload Speed is higher than 10 Mbps for a solid connection.
  11. Calling in the Professionals Virtual Event Producer and/or AV Partner

    • The auction team that is pivoting to virtual or a hybrid format in the future may not have the skills, time, or equipment to make the virtual event shine, and that’s where callin in the Producer will help strategize, brand and stay on message for the entirety of the event. Using overlays, lower thirds, tickers, chroma and luma keying and transitions, you’re elevating the production value of your event keeping the organization and the mission front and center during the entire live event. • The virtual event will be about 45 minutes however it will leave a lasting impression. An exceptional virtual event that is recorded can continue to live on past the initial airing. With this purpose, you may want to elevate the production excellence and use the experts. Production teams are highly trained and will be much more efficient in running a virtual event. They will also coach you based on their experiences. In creating a highly polished event, the reflection back is on your charity, mission, and cause.
  12. Key Recommendations- fundraising Fundraising • Setup online silent auction with

    remote bidding • Promote your auction packages during pre-roll • Call to action for donations • Easily collect payments
  13. Key Recommendations- content Content • Impactful storytelling to motivate •

    High production value with graphic visuals to effectively and clearly deliver the message • Connect your audience to the mission
  14. Key Recommendations- engagement Engagement • Connect with online supporters and

    donors via interactive chatting • Real-time donor acknowledgement • Watch-to-win giveaways • Social media # • Virtual Photo-booth • Party-in-a-Box
  15. Key Recommendations- program Program • 15 min Pre-Roll highlighting your

    online auction packages • 45-60 min max scripted program to share your mission • Live-streaming component • Pre-recorded impactful video testimonials with call to action
  16. Types of Virtual Fundraising Events 100% Virtual Events - Live

    or Pre-Recorded Kelly Russell, (Artisan Auctions) On-Location Virtual Events AndX’s “Traveling” Studio
  17. Zack Krone’s home setup (California Coast Auctions) Patrick Siver’s home

    setup (gEvents LLC) The BTS view (behind the scenes)
  18. The front end view (what the audience sees)

  19. The BTS view (behind the scenes with a event producer)

  20. Virtual Event Tech Tools & Options (DIY)

  21. Types of Virtual Fundraising Events Virtual + In-Studio Events One

    Emcee at home, the other one in studio In-Studio Virtual Events The AV Dept Studio
  22. In Studio Examples

  23. In Studio BTS (auctioneer’s view)

  24. Types of Virtual Fundraising Events Drive-In Virtual Galas Hybrid Virtual

    Galas Drive-in Virtual Gala
  25. Essential Roles & Responsibilities • Event Hosts: BAS & Emcee

    ◦ Hosts need to be comfortable in front of the camera, convey your message well, project energy and enthusiasm while following a script • Technical Production Roles ◦ Event Producer, Video Director, Audio Engineer, Lighting Tech, 2-3 Camera Techs, Teleprompter Op. • Auction Support Roles ◦ BAS Assistant, Live Bidding Donor Support • Audience Engagement ◦ Chat moderators & cheerleaders
  26. The four “T”s behind Successful Virtual Events 1. Timing ◦

    Create a focused 45-60 minutes program run of show (average watch time is 26 minutes and drop off time occurs at 50 minutes) 2. Transitions ◦ List and rehearse every transition noted on the run of show, from in-studio on-camera live switching to remote guests to content assets
  27. The four “T”s behind Successful Virtual Events 3. Technology ◦

    What platforms will be used for registration, online (real-time) bidding, live streaming the broadcast and watching of the live-streamed auction 4. Touch-points ◦ Map out the online audience touch-points from registration all the way to post event when they receive a link to the recorded live stream for later watching
  28. Sequence of Event for Producing a Live-stream • Event Page

    Setup ◦ Either on the Online Auction Platform or a Custom Landing Page ◦ Embed register-to-bid and RSVP links • Technical Event Planning ◦ Live-streaming technology is chosen & mapped out • Content & Scripting ◦ ROS, Production Schedule, Event Script & Content deliverables deadline • Technical Rehearsal of a GO LIVE ◦ If the event is 100% virtual, a technical run-through to test internet speed & C.A.L.L. elements will be scheduled PRIOR to the GO LIVE rehearsal ◦ Dedicate about an hour or two, depending on the event’s complexity ◦ for one last Technical before you GO LIVE
  29. Working Documents for Staying on Track Production Schedule with important

    deadlines • Content deliverables deadline • Cue2Cue technical script for content & visual cues • Pre-event Technical rehearsals schedule Run of Show • An item-by-item sequence of tasks that will happen during the live-stream Event Script with or without Tech Notes • A concise document that tracks each production task and visual element based on the run of show, which also includes the scripting for Hosts
  30. Working Documents for Staying on Track

  31. Working Documents for Staying on Track

  32. Lessons Learned • Have a Virtual Event Producer or Event

    Lead for your event • Don’t attempt to C&P your in-person gala to virtual • Insert moments of impactful storytelling in your Ask • Keep the live-stream & chatting & bidding on one platform • Have specific call-to-action moments throughout the event • Engage the audience & captivate their attention through entertainment, watch-to-win drawings & live recognition • Over-prepare: tech run-throughs & rehearsals, even if it feels like it’s not needed
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  34. Stay in Touch With Anca Email: anca@treefanevents.com @TreefanEvents @Treefan_Events “Events:

    demystified” Podcast
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