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Setting up an Online Auction with Auctria

March 10, 2020

Setting up an Online Auction with Auctria

Setting up an Online Auction with Auctria


March 10, 2020

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  1. Setting Up an Online Auction Using Auctria

  2. About Auctria • 28.6K auctions • 3.3 million bidders •

    1.8 million items • Over $170 million raised
  3. Agenda: Setting up an online auction with Auctria Starting from

    ground zero by setting up the organization and auction event • Organization • Adding a donor & item • Set up website • What do bidders see • Closeout, checkout & reports
  4. Setting up the Organization Auctria Hierarchy

  5. Auctria Dashboard & Navigation Tip: clicking on a PLUS sign

    will take you directly to the relevant ADD page. Tip: Click on any blue text will allow you drill down further on that data
  6. Set Up Organization Tip: Each organization is separate and has

    its own • auctions • donors & users • credit card processing • social media
  7. Setting up the Organization

  8. Credit Card Connectivity Streamline bidder registration to final payments when

    using credit card integration.
  9. Setting up the Credit Card Integration, test and live mode

    2 Modes Test & Live- Default is LIVE
  10. Credit Fees Organization can either absorb or pass along credit

    card fees
  11. STEP #1 Add new Auction Event

  12. STEP #2: Setting up the Auction Event Bidding Period

  13. Setting up the Auction Event Options

  14. Setting up the Auction Event: online bidding period

  15. Setting up the Auction Event: online bidding behavior

  16. Setting up the Auction Event: notifications

  17. Online Auction Booster Proxy Bidding

  18. Online Auction Booster Anti-Sniping

  19. Setting up the Auction Event: anti sniping

  20. Setting up the Auction Event: notifications

  21. Item Categories Defined by auction Examples: • Travel • Restaurants

    • Events • Entertainment • Collectibles • Pampering • Services
  22. Viewing Categories

  23. Mobile App View, using category scroll

  24. Add a Donor

  25. Add an Item

  26. Item Pricing in Auctria Item pricing • Add new item

    • Type (online) • Category (defined by you) • Description • Value • Pricing • Bidding • Images
  27. Bidders & Bidding Tip: bidder can self register Or Import

    bidders in bulk from
  28. Bidder Registration

  29. Bidder Registration: online registration options

  30. Bidder Registration: contact options & online payment options

  31. Set up Website

  32. Add Website

  33. Setting up the Auction Event

  34. Dreaming of a White Christmas

  35. Auctria Mobile Bidding App (must register online) Email Bidder App

  36. Auctria Mobile: bidder view Bidder can: • View catalog •

    Place bids • Place proxy bids • Receive outbid notifications • Star favorite items to watch • Sort by many options Mobile app does not support credit card or new bidder registration
  37. Closeout & Collections

  38. Use Built-in Options

  39. Bidder Communications & Payment

  40. Closeout Relaxation

  41. Getting Started & Going Live Checklists

  42. Resources Links Resource Links for today’s webinar Online auction global

    settings Credit card set-up, connecting Stripe Pricing auction items Website editor webinar Getting Started on Auctria: users, branding, credit card Processing credit fees: normal or surcharge Batch Checkout
  43. Stay connected with Auctria Facebook @auctria Email: hello@auctria.com Pinterest @auctria

    Twitter @auctria Q & A Demo: www.auctria.com/DEMO