The devops field guide to cognitive biases

Fad1e9ed293fc5b3ec7d4abdffeb636f?s=47 Lindsay Holmwood
September 24, 2014

The devops field guide to cognitive biases

As devops practitioners we focus on improving the culture of collaboration so that others play nicely with us & we play nicely with others - but what if the biggest thing holding us back from change is our own brains?

Cognitive biases can deeply affect our behaviours towards others by herding us towards mental shortcuts that are optimised for timeliness over accuracy, at the expense of rationalising irrational behaviour.

You are probably pushing these biases onto other people every day but don't even know it. Does that idea make you feel uncomfortable? You are probably experiencing the Semmelweis reflex kicking your confirmation bias right now.

Knowing is half the battle. This talk delves into some of the well-known and less well-known biases that may be affecting your ability to work with your peers, and your team's ability to work constructively with other teams.

Viewers of the talk will come away with an overview of biases they run into every day, how to hack their brains to use these biases to their advantage, and some tips on how to mitigate the effects of the limitations baked into their wetware.

We have met the enemy and he is us.


These are the resources used in the presentation:


Lindsay Holmwood

September 24, 2014