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Dimensions of Innovation: ECSS 2013 Opening Address

Dimensions of Innovation: ECSS 2013 Opening Address

Message from the program chair at the 9th European Computer Science Summit, 8–9 October 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Slides accompanying blog post on dimensions of innovation:

Arie van Deursen

October 08, 2013

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  1. Dimensions of Innovation: ECSS 2013 Opening Address Arie van Deursen,

    Delft University of Technology ECSS 2013 Program Chair
  2. David Notkin “… the intent is to make the engineering

    of software more effective so that society can benefit even more from the amazing potential of software.” (ACM TOSEM Editorial, 2013)
  3. Peter Denning “An idea that changes no one’s behavior is

    only an invention, not an innovation.” (Communications of the ACM, 2012)
  4. Dimensions of Innovation Startups Patents Open Source Open Data Education

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