Majestic Modular Monoliths

Majestic Modular Monoliths

Microservices are everywhere. Everyone seems to be either going into that direction or is talking about doing so. But are they really the best choice for you?

Developers! Architects! Buckle up as we're going to cut through the hype. Instead of going all-in on microservices or all-in on big ball of mud, we'll introduce a third choice: the Majestic Modular Monolith! We'll look at what this brings to the table, when this may be a good fit and how it compares to the other two approaches in terms of code organization, productivity, scalability and much more. We'll look at how this can be designed and implemented in practice, we won't shy away from the hard questions.

Video recording:


Axel Fontaine

February 22, 2018