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Neverlate App

Neverlate App

Neverlate is a self-improvement iOS app for people who are often late. Put money at stake and pick a friend to be your accountability buddy. If you’re late, you gotta pay!

Team: Ayuna Vogel, Charles Kang, Eric Sze.



Ayuna Vogel

February 09, 2016

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  1. neverlate

  2. neverlate Ayuna Charles Eric

  3. Ayuna Vogel • Product Development
 • Data Architecture/Design • Venmo

 • Back-End/Database Communication @AyunasCode Product Manager / Back-End Developer
  4. Charles Kang @kangcharles1 • User Interface and Experience Design

    Core Location and Geofences
 • Onboarding Features UI & UX / Maps
  5. Eric Sze @szetweet • User Interface Design
 • Popover Views

    • Time and Date Pickers UI & UX / Calendar
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  7. neverlate

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  10. Thank You! Download the app today and be neverlate again!