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Open source & Azure Data -- now and next | European Virtual Open Source Summit 2020 | Sunil Kamath

Open source & Azure Data -- now and next | European Virtual Open Source Summit 2020 | Sunil Kamath

In this session, we’ll talk about Azure Data’s commitment to deliver a data platform leveraging different data technologies including Open Source. We’ll share our approach to making data available for all stakeholders and leveraging it to make sense of the data that drives business decisions.

Azure Postgres

June 16, 2020

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  1. Open source & Azure Data— now and next Sunil Kamath,

    Principal Director, Program Management, Azure Open Source Databases, Azure Data
  2. I imagine most of you each have your own personal

    journey with open source
  3. First worked on open source in Toronto, back in 2002

  4. Launched MySQL & Postgres open source database services on Azure

  5. Channel 9 interview on launch of MySQL & PostgreSQL services

  6. Rolling out Preview of managed service for PostgreSQL

  7. On Microsoft Mechanics: announcing GA of open source databases on

  8. Back in the beginning of 2019… @kamathsun / @azuredbpostgres /

  9. Citus is an open source extension to Postgres Citus transforms

    Postgres into a horizontally scalable database
  10. Here to represent our entire Azure Data team

  11. What our Azure Data team is doing for the open

    source community data professionals developers
  12. Deliver the one data platform that empowers the world to

    make sense of all data anywhere, responsibly, at any scale  Relevant  Accessible  Intelligent  Performant  Cost-effective  Secure & compliant  Explainable & trustworthy Our mission at Azure Data
  13. Not even possible without open source

  14. Never been a more empowering time to be working with

  15. Things are different

  16. How international health care organizations are using bots to help

    fight COVID-19 aka.ms/healthcare-bot-news
  17. Healthcare Bot Service around the world 1600 instances COVID-19 bots

    23 countries 31,000,000 individual users 320,000,000 messages served since beginning of March 2020; data as of mid May 2020
  18. Enabling home-based distance learning in era of COVID-19

  19. Delivery of essential supplies to citizens in need

  20. Financing working capital for small businesses during COVID-19

  21. And then there’s this “Working from Home” thing

  22. It’s not always easy to work from home

  23. 75M 4.1 billion Microsoft Teams Growth

  24. Source: @MicrosoftTeams on Twitter

  25. 4.1 billion meeting minutes a day Fulfilling to enable this

    “WFH” thing Azure Kubernetes Service Azure Cosmos DB Azure Media Services Azure Compute Azure Front Door Azure DevOps Azure Cache for Redis Azure Service Fabric Azure Storage Azure Active Directory
  26. None
  27. At Microsoft, we love open source

  28. “Judge us by the actions we have taken in the

    recent past, our actions today and in the future.” —Satya Nadella, CEO@Microsoft
  29. Also happening today here at European OSS Summit John Gossman,

    Distinguished Engineer José Miguel Parrella, Principal Program Manager Toni Willberg, Senior Cloud Solution Architect
  30. Back in 2019 we acquired Citus Data

  31. Citus transforms Postgres into a horizontally scalable database

  32. Fully integrated into Azure Database for PostgreSQL

  33. aka.ms/citus

  34. Distributed PostgreSQL is a game changer. We can support more

    than 6M queries every day, on 2 PB of data. With Citus, response times for 75% of queries are less than 0.2 seconds.” “
  35. Architecting petabyte-scale analytics by scaling out Postgres on Azure with

    the Citus extension aka.ms/blog-petabyte-scale-analytics
  36. Contributing & giving back to the community

  37. Microsoft Azure Welcomes PostgreSQL Committers aka.ms/blog-postgres-committers

  38. Microsoft Azure Welcomes PostgreSQL Committers aka.ms/blog-postgres-committers

  39. Screenshot of Azure Data Studio

  40. “Cancer is an incredibly complicated disease & we needed a

    way to analyze this complexity.” —David Schneider, VP Engineering, Systems Imagination, Ignite 2019 aka.ms/ignite2019-azure-data
  41. mybuild.microsoft.com

  42. My wish for you Healthy Silver linings Open source Feedback

  43. Thank you to: Organizers / Speakers / All of YOU!

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