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April 2021: Azure goes to Space by Céline Kreyenbühl and Oliver Dörr

April 2021: Azure goes to Space by Céline Kreyenbühl and Oliver Dörr

Video Link: https://youtu.be/ZnoEaj1-Cgk

The cloud is everywhere – you know that already – but NOW the cloud can also be in space!
You will get a brief overview what this really means, what kind of challenges need to be tackled up there and how Microsoft together with Azure is enabling customers around the globe and across industries to make a difference with cost efficient satellite communications or earth images.

We also plan to have a special guest in the session who is actively working as one of the first European customers with the new service (given the current circumstance we do not have a 100% commitment yet).

Last but not least – you will get a glimpse of one of the ideas how it can be achieved to save our beloved planet earth from up in the sky – and of course when you could leverage the next satellite groundstation you always wanted to have in your backyard.

Céline joined Microsoft 11 years ago and has the pleasure to lead the Azure Business Group in Switzerland for the past 2 years. As Azure Business Group Lead, Céline has the end-to-end accountability for the Azure business in Switzerland including business strategy, planning, execution, advocacy and learning.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ckreyenbuehl/

Oliver Doerr works as a Cloud Solution Architect for apps and infrastructure at Microsoft. Before he joined Microsoft in 2019, he had the pleasure to collect over a decade of working experiences in several industries that work with Microsoft products.
These are reaching from highly regulated industries around the globe, over classical Swiss Small and Medium Businesses to entrepreneurial driven companies that want to achieve more on the planet and in space around us.
To share his knowledge and enable others to benefit from his learnings, he speaks at public events like the European SharePoint Conference, Trivadis TechEvent or several Usergroups within Switzerland and Germany.
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliver-doerr/

Azure Zurich User Group

April 20, 2021

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  1. Azure Space Innovate on earth and beyond proudly presented to

    YOU by Céline Kreyenbühl and Oliver Dörr A K A
  2. Introduction Space History Azure Space Azure Orbital What you could

    expect today Demos Real World Use Case Scenarios Future Outlook Marketing and Deep Tech Insights
  3. 5 Oliver Dörr Enterprise and Startup Coach Cloud Solution Architect

    Microsoft ~15 years in IT >5 years of Cloud Experience ~5y in Switzerland for Cloudadoption Infrastructure Application Modernization Migrations Automation https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliver-doerr „Every morning you wake, there is a great challenge waiting for you that could be solved using the capabilities of the cloud“ Your Presenter - Oliver
  4. 6 Céline Kreyenbühl Business Group Lead Azure, Microsoft • 11+

    years at Microsoft, previously in Med Tech, degree in Business Management • Passionate about technology enabled innovation “It is not for us to forecast the future, but to shape it.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry“ Your Presenter – Céline https://www.linkedin.com/in/ckreyenbuehl/
  5. Enable command, control, and data downlink of satellites through Azure

    and connect our global data centers and edge devices via satellite and 5G. Connect anyone’s data, from anywhere in the world, at any security level, into our clouds. G L O B A L C O N N E C T I V I T Y Power digital transformation and develop tools for simulating satellites in a rich synthetic environment to develop and evaluate powerful AI/ML capabilities. Reliable, repeatable technologies to help the space community innovate and move faster with mission assurance. D I G I T A L E N G I N E E R I N G Run Azure analytics and hardware on satellites, space stations, and beyond. Driving innovation and creating the ultimate cloud-enabled edge devices – on and off the planet. A Z U R E I N S P A C E Microsoft innovation + a space partnership ecosystem to provide advanced, secure, and resilient capabilities Develop an ecosystem that integrates large-scale geospatial and space data, synthetics, AI/ML, and visualization to enable analytics anywhere. Turning data into knowledge and insights. A R T I F I C I A L I N T E L L I G E N C E F O R S P A C E
  6. Azure WAN Azure Datacenters Orbital downlink Azure Orbital Orbiting satellites

    Dedicated P R I V A T E Broadband P U B L I C Global communications Earth observation Remote mine Energy farm Oil/gas rig Defense and peacekeeping Remote factory Connected agriculture Industry segments SES antennas for O3b MEO SpaceX Starlink Antenna
  7. Reconstruction 3D reconstruction from 2D imagery Azure Cognition+ASCII Data &

    AI Multi-class object detection and tracking from full motion video Data & AI Automated land-use classification and masking from 2D imagery Mixed Reality Synthetics Automated Generation of Synthetic Scenes from High Altitude AI for Earth Land Coverage Usage Classification Azure FarmBeats/SpaceEye Automated cloud removal from satellite imagery S O U R C E Development starts with sourcing high quality earth imagery Azure Maps Customer data feeds L A B E L Imagery is then labeled by human annotators or generated synthetically Human labeling Mixed Reality Synthetics 3P Synthetic Data Providers E X T R A C T M E T A D A T A Prebuilt machine learning based components used to extract metadata Bing maps location intelligence AI for Earth 3P Geo Metadata Providers C U S T O M M O D E L D E V E L O P M E N T Labels and metadata can be consumed to train (or fine-tuned) new ML models ASCII Data & AI team Azure Machine Learning Azure Custom Vision D E P L O Y Models deployed on Azure as containerized microservices or integrated into platforms (LVA, Stack) Azure Stack AMS live video analytics Azure Maps 3P Data Providers
  8. Ground Stations – Customer Challenges Today Build your own Heavy

    Capital expenditure requiring large upfront investment to be made Lease from others or Rent Lock-ins in contracts, negotiate terms for license Expensive and Complex High operational costs, difficult to maintain & manage Scalability Inelastic, Hard to scale and Time to scale Backhaul to Cloud Leveraging cloud capabilities needs extra effort to backhaul traffic to cloud incurring more costs and effort
  9. Ground segment operational efficiencies Global Communications Earth Observation • Spacecraft

    Contact self-service scheduling • Direct Data ingestion into Azure • Marketplace integration with 3rd party data processing, image calibration services • Integrated cloud modems for X, S, UHF bands or pick a certified cloud modem from marketplace • Global expansion through 3rd party networks • Colocation of teleport in proximity of Azure Datacenters or interconnexion with 3rd party existing teleports • Routing over global Microsoft network • Internet breakout at the edge • Traffic delivery to provider’s virtual network • Ground Station digital transformation • Integrated with workloads in Cloud • 3rd party marketplace integration with modems, resource management, mission control services • Routing from/to ground station over Microsoft global network Azure Orbital - Scenarios
  10. Introducing Azure Orbital Azure Orbital is a managed service that

    lets you communicate to, control your satellite, process data, and scale your operations directly in Microsoft Azure
  11. Orbital Ground Station Physical Locations roadmap 25 Proximity to DC

    or Edge 2+ antennas 6.1 meters Auto-track 2 6 1 5 3 4 X, S & UHF
  12. Advanced Synthetics for AI/ML Training Digital Tools for Space Developers

    Virtual World projected to Virtual Satellites Radio Frequency Payloads Electro-Optical and Infrared Payloads AOE emulation of a 20-satellite constellation imaging the Earth. Inset shows a AOE emulation of what an infrared sensor on one of the satellites would see.
  13. Orbital Ground Station (Provider or Customer-dedicated) Azure Services Cloud-native network

    services Provider leverages other Azure services to provide managed services to their customers Internet breakout at the edge Customer’s virtual network in Azure Customer’s on- premise network Provider’s edge network in another region Azure Orbital – Global Communications Ground Station as a Service Satellite providers can use Orbital & Azure WAN for global routing over Microsoft Global Network while leveraging other Azure services to provide managed services to their customers ExpressRoute Firewall Firewall Manager Virtual WAN 3P Marketplace DDoS Orbital Services Provider’s Virtual Network Co-located at datacenter or close proximity
  14. • Weather modeling of dust storms to enable future modeling

    for Mars missions. • Plant and hydroponics analysis to support food growth and life sciences in space. • Medical imaging using an ultrasound on the ISS to support astronaut healthcare.
  15. Merci vielmal and Thanks a lot Oliver Dörr Microsoft –

    Cloud Solution Architect [email protected] +41 (0)43 456 69 18 https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliver-doerr/ Questions – if any? Céline Kreyenbühl Microsoft – Business Group Lead Azure [email protected] +41 (0)43 456 61 49 https://www.linkedin.com/in/ckreyenbuehl/