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AzureBootcamp2022: Swiss Azure DC Update by Primo Amrein

AzureBootcamp2022: Swiss Azure DC Update by Primo Amrein

This session is one of the sessions of Azure Bootcamp Switzerland 2022.

In this session, Primo Amrein, the “Mr. Swiss Azure Datacenters” will give an overview about the current state of the Swiss Azure Datacenters.
🙂 PRIMO AMREIN ⚡️ Cloud Lead @ Microsoft

Check out Primo at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/primo-amrein-12a336/

Azure Zurich User Group

May 10, 2022

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  1. Azure Swiss DCs Update Session Primo Amrein – Cloud Lead

    Microsoft Switzerland
  2. 2 – 200 – 20'000 Great progress in the Swiss

    Cloud Regions since the launch >2 years ago: • >200 Azure services available locally after having started with less than 50 • >20’000 customers onboarded in Swiss DCs
  3. Swiss DCs Progress and Azure Price Drop

  4. Azure Workloads Launched in Recent Months • Mv2 VMs (up

    to 11.4 TB memory) in Switzerland North & West • Azure NetApp Files in Switzerland North & West • Data Box in Switzerland North & West • Azure Archive in Switzerland North • Azure Communication Services in Switzerland North • Speech-to-text STT & text-to-speech TTS with Schwiizerdütsch Implications / Opportunities • Strong signal: significant investment to Swiss DCs, being enterprise-grade ready • Largest SAP environments unblocked with Mv2 and ANF • Data Box enables backup scenarios and first cloud steps for new cloud customers in particular within PS • Azure Archive engagement e.g.in FSI • Increased Swissness with STT & TTS, enables local bots and call center integrations
  5. Azure Workloads Launched in Recent Weeks • Machine Learning •

    Azure Confidential Computing • Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare • Azure Arc-enabled servers • Azure Stack Edge Pro 2 Implications / Opportunities • Machine Learning unblocks new workload types locally. • Confidential computing applies to various use cases for protecting data in regulated industries. • Enabling healthcare ecosystems with local data residency. • Arc-enabled servers is a key step to enable hybrid and multicloud environments in the Swiss DC. • Stack Edge Pro 2 designed for deployment in edge locations such as retail, telecommunications, manufacturing or PS
  6. Azure Confidential Computing Heads-up • Azure Confidential Computing in the

    Intel SGX variation launching with DCsv3 VMs in Switzerland North • Huge investment to Swiss region, ahead of e.g. Germany or France
  7. Azure Services Availabilities and Roadmap https://aka.ms/Azure-Switzerland

  8. 8 What are Availability Zones (AZs)? • Each Azure AZ-enabled

    region includes a minimum of three physically separated “zone” locations / DCs • Each zone has independent power, cooling and networking infrastructure ‐ i.e. a facility-level failure or single fiber-path failure will affect only one zone • Use Cases ‐ High availability workloads with highest resiliency and availability demand ‐ Applications requiring low latency, round-trip less than 2 milliseconds between AZs
  9. Azure Availability Zones (AZs) Availability Zones protect your applications against

    datacenter-level failures Each AZ-enabled region includes a minimum of three physically separated “zone” locations Three AZs support quorum-based workloads like SQL or Azure Service Fabric. Zones have independent power, cooling, and networking infrastructure A facility-level failure or single fiber-path failure will affect only one zone. Azure management services are replicated across zones Azure management services are redundant, so a single zone failure will not affect other zones. Ongoing maintenance and releases are orchestrated zone by zone. Datacenter Availability Zones
  10. Launch Model Overview 1.Managed Access (MA) (no public communication) Controlled

    launch: To ensure quality, this is a gradual ramp-up phase with customers given access to Availability Zones step-by-step. 2.General Availability (GA) (including local & Corp announcement) Update of Azure.com; all customers and partners can see and use AZs in Switzerland North
  11. Zonal Services Launch Approach • Don’t assume anything available regionally

    today will be available zonally with zones launch • All Azure Zonal Foundational services are available, full list here • Mainstream zonal services follow step-by-step over the months. The public page talks about 90 days – in our case, this will not happen for all services. • A few mainstream services are already available in Switzerland North: • Azure Kubernetes Service AKS • Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server • Redis Cache • Private Link • Network Watcher • Firewall • Container Registry
  12. Services / DCs Unique Value Proposition • It takes time

    to build up all the locally available cloud services • Set-up with geo-redundant region Switzerland West: we offer an additional option with in- country disaster recovery approx. 200km away
  13. Azure Public Sector Cloud Design https://aka.ms/publicsectorCH - Legal context to

    the Swiss Public Sector cloud design - Swiss Information Protection Regulation & data categories - Control objectives and risks - Azure control framework and blueprint description
  14. None
  15. Canton Zurich goes Microsoft Cloud • German • LinkedIn Strongly

    recommend to read the following two paragraphs:
  16. Recent Public Customer Stories (1/2) • English • LinkedIn •

    German • LinkedIn • French • German • LinkedIn
  17. Recent Public Customer Stories (2/2) • English • German •

    LinkedIn • English • LinkedIn • German • LinkedIn
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