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An introduction to iPadOS (Workshop)

An introduction to iPadOS (Workshop)

Slides accompanying a workshop given at Swift Island 2019 on iPadOS

Bas Broek

July 03, 2019

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  1. An Introduction to iPadOS
    @basthomas, Swift Island 2019 1

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  2. Who am I?
    4 Swift Weekly Brief
    4 Ray Wenderlich
    4 Contravariance (we have stickers)
    4 Open Source (GitHawk & more)
    @basthomas, Swift Island 2019 2

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  3. Why iPad?
    4 Inclusivity
    4 Powerful workflows
    4 A better app
    4 And now: a step to macOS
    @basthomas, Swift Island 2019 3

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  4. How This Workshop Works
    4 No iPadOS experience required
    4 How does multiple window support on iPadOS work under the
    4 Introduction to lifecycles using scenes
    4 Code along building a small iPadOS app, focusing on multiple
    window support, leveraging drag-and-drop, and state restoration.
    4 Hands-on: use these learnings in your own, or open source, app
    @basthomas, Swift Island 2019 4

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  5. @basthomas, Swift Island 2019 5

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