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Platform Security Jobs at Netflix

938bca9547ba1cac3e69d80efd67fe6b?s=47 Bryan Payne
January 13, 2016

Platform Security Jobs at Netflix

I'm hiring for the Platform Security team at Netflix! Here's a quick overview of the problems we are working on, and the kinds of people we'd like to hire. Let me know if any of this looks interesting to you!


Bryan Payne

January 13, 2016


  1. Platform Security Jobs at Netflix Bryan D. Payne Engineering Manager,

    Platform Security
  2. Platform Security Overview Netflix Cloud (hosted at AWS) Device or

    Browser Netflix Open Connect Appliance - AWS Mgmt - Security Tools - Code Review - Forensics / IR - IT Security - Content Protection - Device Security Platform Security - Foundational Security Services - Security in Common Platform - Security by Default in base AMI
  3. Security Software Engineer • Loves security and writing software •

    Enjoys designing and building production security services • Software Engineer • Loves writing software • Enjoys designing APIs and making code as simple as possible, but no simpler • Looking for Two Backgrounds
  4. • Authentication and authorization for Netflix services • Securing and

    managing human access to instances • Cryptography, key management, secret management • Attestation of services/instances deployed at AWS • Operating system and application level hardening Solving Important Problems
  5. @bdpsecurity Contact Me For Details