Securing Containers the Netflix Way

938bca9547ba1cac3e69d80efd67fe6b?s=47 Bryan Payne
January 25, 2017

Securing Containers the Netflix Way

This talk was presented at the Container Security Summit 2017.

Security has been a first principle at Netflix as we created our internal container service, known as Titus. Along the way we learned many places where our security needs aligned with others in the community. But, perhaps most interestingly, we also learned about where we differed. This talk will take you on a tour of how we have handled container security at Netflix from threat modeling to container isolation and identity. You’ll see how we built containers to integrate seamlessly into our development and production ecosystem. Finally, we discuss what we see as the open security challenges for large-scale container deployments.


Bryan Payne

January 25, 2017