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Design is a good idea

Design is a good idea

Talk from Design Exchange Nottingham.

Ben Holliday

June 15, 2017

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  1. @benholliday #govdesign Design is everything that 
 your product does.

    It’s also the service around your product. How it’s sold, distributed and supported
  2. @benholliday #govdesign Making things digital is employing the culture, mindset,

    practices, processes, skills and technologies of the internet era Tom Loosemore (adapted)
  3. @benholliday #govdesign Everything we do is about changing lives by

    providing security, extending opportunity and giving people in our society the support they need
  4. @benholliday #govdesign This is the real challenge: An organisation that

    delivers services organising itself around the needs 
 of its users
  5. @benholliday #govdesign …creativity isn’t about making additions; it’s about making

    subtractions. Ideas need honing, simplifying and focussing Will Gompertz
  6. @benholliday #govdesign Design team of 40+ people specialising in service

    design, interaction design, content design and front end development
  7. @benholliday #govdesign 1. Make sure everyone can talk to each

    other 2. Give everyone the opportunity to meet face-to-face 3. Encourage everyone to work in the open
  8. @benholliday #govdesign Everyone should be able to 
 talk about

    their work. This gives visibility to everything that we’re working on, and encourages collaboration benholliday.com/building-a-design-community
  9. @benholliday #govdesign Design leadership, the secret to getting things done:

    being pragmatic (you can’t win every battle today), and optimistic (everything is worth fighting for)
  10. @benholliday #govdesign Culture is everything we do, 
 how we

    do it, our intentions, and how we work together to make it happen
  11. @benholliday #govdesign The goal should be to remove anything, including

    language, that creates barriers when working on a public service benholliday.com/the-problem-with-customer
  12. @benholliday #govdesign We call it user research not user testing.

    We test our design, our words and our ideas. We don’t test our users Leisa Reichelt userresearch.blog.gov.uk/its-user-research- not-user-testing
  13. @benholliday #govdesign If we’re not communicating well with each other,

    it’s unlikely we’re communicating well with people using our services Melanie Cannon
  14. @benholliday #govdesign Start with ‘why’. Everything we work on gets

    started for a reason. Then move on to ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘how’
  15. @benholliday #govdesign The greatest enemy of success is the attempt

    to fortify against failure Ed Catmull (co-founder Pixar)
  16. @benholliday #govdesign Ways to manage failure: • prioritise rituals of

    doing • experiment more • shorten the feedback loop
  17. @benholliday #govdesign Design at its best frames the unusual and

    celebrates diversity. Its mistakes make it human. It’s made up of complex emotions
  18. @benholliday #govdesign …move from ‘everyone wants to solve the problem’

    to ‘everyone wants the problem to be solved’ benholliday.com/everyone-wants-to- solve-the-problem
  19. @benholliday #govdesign Design has a unique opportunity to bring joy

    into the world. The question is always ‘why not’?
  20. @benholliday #govdesign …the more seriously we take things the more

    ridged or unimaginative our work can become benholliday.com/learning-to-enjoy-the- size-of-the-problem
  21. @benholliday #govdesign We do our best work when we have

    something to lose (even if it’s just our reputation). This means accountability for outcomes and learning to work through failure
  22. @benholliday #govdesign You earn the extreme moments of optimism from

    the daily struggles we all fight our way through Bruce Springsteen