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Bringing digital making to your library with Raspberry Pi

Ben Nuttall
November 08, 2016

Bringing digital making to your library with Raspberry Pi

Presentation and workshop given at Code Green - Cracking the Code at Manchester Central Library 8/11/16

Ben Nuttall

November 08, 2016

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  1. Bringing digital making to your library
    with Raspberry Pi
    Ben Nuttall
    Raspberry Pi Foundation
    UK Charity 1129409

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  2. Ben Nuttall

    Raspberry Pi Community Manager

    From Sheffield

    MMU graduate

    Based in Cambridge

    @ben_nuttall on Twitter

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  3. Raspberry Pi Foundation

    Educational charity founded
    in 2006

    Owns trading subsidiary
    Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd

    Trading profits fund
    educational programmes

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  4. Our mission
    “Putting the power of digital making into the
    hands of people all over the world”

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  5. We do this by providing...

    Low-cost, high-performance computers

    Outreach and education programmes

    Free resources and teacher training

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  6. Current models

    Raspberry Pi 3


    General purpose

    Raspberry Pi Zero


    Good for embedded

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  7. Raspberry Pi Community

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  8. Raspberry Jam

    Independently organised
    community events


    Mix of meetup / conference /
    workshop styles


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  9. Raspberry Pi in Schools

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  10. Raspberry Pi Setup

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  11. What do I need?

    USB mouse

    USB keyboard

    USB power supply

    Monitor or TV

    HDMI cable

    Micro SD card

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  12. Optional extras


    Ethernet cable

    USB WiFi dongle

    Camera module

    USB Bluetooth dongle

    Speakers or headphones

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  13. The SD Card

    This is your hard drive
    – Operating system
    – Files + programs

    Buy pre-installed or download and install using your PC

    NOOBS (New Out Of the Box Software)
    – Easy installer
    – Drag & drop
    – Contains Raspbian

    – Full operating system
    – Lots of useful software pre-installed

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  14. Getting started

    Insert SD card

    Connect mouse & keyboard

    Connect HDMI cable

    Connect power supply

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  15. Desktop

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  16. Main Menu

    Launch programming

    Web browser

    Preferences and settings

    Shutdown & reboot

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  17. Scratch

    Drag & drop block interface
    to programming


    Computational thinking

    Easy to make games

    Impossible to create a
    program that fails to run!

    Recommended for young

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  18. Sonic Pi

    Sound synthesiser for creating

    Audible computing

    Uses simple syntax text-based
    programming language Ruby

    Used for compositions and live
    coding performances

    Introduce computing concepts
    through music

    Created especially for education

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  19. Python

    Powerful extensible
    programming language

    Easy to read and write

    Make software, games, GUIs,
    websites, robots and more

    Ideal for physical computing

    Extensive library of additional
    modules for Raspberry Pi

    Recommended for education

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  20. Minecraft: Pi Edition

    Free version of Minecraft on
    Raspberry Pi

    Python programming

    Learn Python by building
    things and making games in

    Creative computing

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  21. GPIO Pins – General Purpose Input/Output

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  22. Physical computing

    Flashy lights

    Motors & robots

    Photo & video


    Internet of Things

    Engaging and empowering

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  23. Camera module

    Full HD camera accessory

    Photo & video

    Controlled by code using
    Python or Scratch

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  24. Raspberry Jams

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  25. Raspberry Jam in your library

    Digital making activities

    Digital skills

    Mini maker space

    Hosting public events in the

    Make use of existing
    computers (monitors, mice,

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  26. Raspberry Jam in your library

    Work with local Pi
    community members

    Plan activities (workshops,

    Ticket event on eventbrite

    Promote event on Raspberry
    Pi website and locally

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  27. Wimbledon library

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  28. Blackpool libraries

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  29. Ipswich library
    Enormous fun. So inspiring to see people of all ages and families
    learning and working together in an inclusive and non-
    judgemental environment.
    ~ Charmain Osborne, Suffolk libraries

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  30. Raspberry Jam in your library

    Get support from me and the
    Foundation team

    Get support from Pi
    community members

    See basic guidelines and tips
    at raspberrypi.org/jam

    Contact me:
    [email protected]

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  31. Bringing digital making to your library
    with Raspberry Pi
    Ben Nuttall
    Raspberry Pi Foundation
    UK Charity 1129409

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