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Google Analytics for Clients

Google Analytics for Clients

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful analytics tool that many clients don’t know how to use. Discover how you can use Google Analytics to re-think the customer journey, and better identify and reach your client’s ideal customers.

We’ll cover:

* How to setup & monitor goals
* How to create segments
* How to filter out bot traffic
* How to tracks revenue & conversions
* How to calculate net profit

Patrick Rauland

August 04, 2021

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  1. The Problem With Marketing... “Half the money I spend on

    advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half” - John Wanamaker
  2. The Solution Google Analytics tries to solve this problem. It

    tells you who is using your website, where they came from, and what they did on your site.
  3. Agenda • Purpose for Google Analytics • What can Google

    Analytics do? • Google Analytics 4 • Getting Value from Google Analytics ◦ Goals ◦ Segments ◦ Emailing reports ◦ Tracking revenue • Live demo! 🤞 • Questions
  4. A Little About You 1. Are you looking to learn

    anything specific? 2. Do you currently use your client’s Google Analytics? 3. Do you get paid for Google Analytics work?
  5. What GA Can Do For You 1. Audience ◦ Where

    is my audience located and how do they access my site (devices)? 2. Behavior ◦ How do people engage on my site? 3. Conversions ◦ How much revenue/leads does my site generate? 4. Acquisition ◦ How do visitors reach my site? Ultimate goal: maximize your marketing efforts
  6. GA4 1. Announced October 14, 2020 ◦ https://blog.google/products/marketingplatform/analytics/n ew_google_analytics 2.

    Driven by Privacy 3. Multi-device by default 4. Event driven ◦ Replaces old hits & pageviews model
  7. GA4 Data 1. Event driven ◦ Replaces old hits &

    pageviews model 2. Fundamentally different data models ◦ Data can’t be upgraded 3. You can run GA4 in a few ways: ◦ New site with GA4 ◦ New site with both Universal Analytics (old) and GA4 ◦ Add GA4 to a site with Universal Analytics
  8. My Recommendation Run both Universal Analytics (old) and GA4 (new).

    • You’ll want to start collecting GA4 data soon. • You’ll probably need to use UA data in the near term Bonus tip: • Your client should set up their own GA account • You don’t want to be tied to them forever
  9. GA4 WordPress Support • MonsterInsights (3+ million installs) ◦ Doesn’t

    yet support GA4. ◦ https://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/how-to-instal l-google-analytics-in-wordpress/comment-page-11/#comme nt-1508037 ◦ - I’m waiting for MonsterInsights support • Insert Headers & Footers • Site Kit by Google (1+ million installs)
  10. Measure Success (Goals) 1. Many clients have no idea what

    part of their business is successful 2. Use Goals to measure success or steps leading to success
  11. Use UTM Parameters • Help you track traffic sources •

    Great for ◦ Guest posts ◦ Emails ◦ Affiliates ◦ Podcasts • UTM Builders are helpful ◦ https://utmbuilder.net/
  12. You can charge for the map Once You Have The

    Goal... Who What (Messaging) Where Goal
  13. Services for Clients • $ Setup • $ Training •

    $$ Setup + Treasure Map • $$$ Custom dimension setup