Live Your Life Like a Supervillain

Live Your Life Like a Supervillain

How you can improve your life by taking strategies from supervillains.


Patrick Rauland

May 30, 2018


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    Who Am I? • Online Educator for / LinkedIn

    Learning • Former Product Manager for WooCommerce • Developer background
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    Impressive Qualities (and very questionable ethics) • Singular vision •

    Dream big • Don’t hold themselves back • Ignore the haters • Allies • Plan for the unknown
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    Women’s Suffrage Movement • Two groups ◦ National Woman Suffrage

    Association (NWSA) ▪ Wanted national recognition ◦ American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA) ▪ Wanted to go state by state
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    Am I Clear? • Business: document the process to build

    a physical product from scratch • Family: call parents once a week • Romance: ??? • Money: ??? • Spirituality: find a zen meditation group • Health: run & practice acroyoga • Personal: make a board game The 7 Circles from The ONE Thing: (
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    Natural Talent Isn’t Always Good • Child prodigies rarely change

    the world • As they win awards they keep practicing. They don’t learn to do anything new. They consume existing knowledge; not produce new insights. • Achievement motivated
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    "If you don’t look back at yourself and think, “Wow,

    how stupid I was a year ago,” then you must not have learned much in the last year." - Ray Dalio
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    We squash a low status member who challenges the status

    quo - while we applaud a high status member who challenges the status quo
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    Idiosyncrasy Credits • Before you can change a group you

    need to earn a least a few idiosyncrasy credits ◦ Do something impressive ◦ Reinforce group norms • Then you can spend your idiosyncrasy credits being unusual. Ex. I’m a morning person and I’m always on time. When I meet people in the morning they know I’m the type of person who is always on time. Once in a blue moon when I’m not on time they believe me that something happened.
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    Expect to go Off-the-Rails • Humans love to plan •

    How do you plan? ◦ Waterfall ◦ Agile ◦ Something else
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    Goals • We tend to complete the easiest ones first

    • We never really get to the big hard goals • Studies have shown if you do use goals and they’re too big you actually become demotivated
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    Most Important Task (MIT) • Each day has one MIT

    • I have 2-3 hours of work time (without meetings) every morning to get it done. • Everything after that is gravy Most Important Task Popularized by ZenHabits ortant-task/
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    Be clear, don’t hold yourself back, think in new creative

    ways, if you have a crazy idea build up good will, focus on common ground, and give yourself enough margin in life to handle uncertainty.
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