Building an InnerSource Market in Spain

Building an InnerSource Market in Spain

Conference: OSCON 2019.

The InnerSource Commons community has grown organically during the last years. The community meets every six months, at summits in the US and in the EU—and at each, approximately 75% of the attendees are new.

Daniel Izquierdo and Manrique López explain how they're working to bring all of this expertise and knowledge into the Spanish industry. Run mainly by InnerSource Commons enthusiasts, the Spanish InnerSource ecosystem has been running several meetups during the last months. Join in to hear the first steps and experiences of these meetups as well as the difficulties faced and the lessons learned.

Topics include:

Starting InnerSource Spain
Marketing actions and the difficulty of gaining attraction
Is InnerSource the right term to use for marketing?
How can we do business about InnerSource in Spain?



July 16, 2019


  1. Building an InnerSource Market in Spain InnerSource Day @ OSCON

    Portland, July 2019
  2. <motivation photo> Motivation

  3. <first steps in the spanish market photo> Context

  4. 95% of the companies in Spain are smaller than 10

    people. The average size of the company in Spain is around 5 people. (Germany for instance is around 12).
  5. Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2017 by OECD library.

  6. Where to Start?

  7. Community

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  12. @ Madrid

  13. @ Barcelona

  14. @ Galway

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