Bitergia Analytics / Data Talk / IE Business School (2018)

Bitergia Analytics / Data Talk / IE Business School (2018)

Presentation for the DataTalk at IE Business School, Madrid. May 2018



May 03, 2018


  1. Bitergia Analytics Software Development Analytics for your Peace of Mind

    J. Manrique López de la Fuente @jsmanrique jsmanrique at Data Talk, IE Business School May 4th, 2018
  2. Software is eating the World Marc Andreessen, 2011

  3. Open Source Software is eating the World Michael Skok, 2014

  4. Open Source Hardware is eating the World Adam Benzion, 2015

  5. /open development in corporations Agile Agile Manifesto DevOps DevOps framework:

    CALMS (Culture/Collaboration, Automation, Lean, Measurement, and Sharing) Inner Source Managing Inner Source Projects (
  6. /everybody loves open development Everybody Open Development

  7. /open source everywhere Who is contributing* to the projects? How

    much/what/where are they contributing*? Who is driving successful projects? Who is behind a project? * Contributions: code, issues, requests, etc.
  8. /collaboration Everybody Collaboration

  9. /community Which projects are more community attractive? Are projects retaining

    contributors? Are projects community-driven or enterprise-driven? How diverse is your community? Who are projects top contributors? Where does my community come from? Where else my community contributes?
  10. /collaboration management How fast are we dealing with feedback (issues,

    requests, comments)? How long does it take to add new features? Are people engaged with the project/company? Is the project/company allowing innovation?
  11. /questions

  12. /data “Without data, you are just another person with an

    opinion” W. Edwards Deming
  13. /data “Without data, you are just another person with an

    opinion” W. Edwards Deming
  14. Bitergia AKA Bitergium, Bitergy, Bit-energy, Bit...what?

  15. Software Development Analytics What Why How When Solving any question

    about software development processes
  16. /monitoring “To measure is to know” “If you can not

    measure it, you can not improve it” Lord Kelvin
  17. What What do we measure?

  18. /what Human resources Activity Performance

  19. /what Human resources Community Activity Performance

  20. /what

  21. Why Why do we measure?

  22. /why Transparency

  23. /why Transparency Awareness

  24. /why Transparency Awareness Governance support

  25. /why Transparency Awareness Governance support Motivational

  26. /why Transparency Awareness Governance support Motivational

  27. How How to implement development analytics?

  28. /how Don’t get trapped by data

  29. /monitoring Metrics can be very dangerous

  30. /monitoring Metrics can be very dangerous “Human beings adjust behavior

    based on the metrics they’re held against. Anything you measure will impel a person to optimize his score on that metric. What you measure is what you’ll get. Period”. You Are What You Measure by Dan Ariely
  31. /monitoring strategy Goals

  32. /monitoring strategy Goals Questions

  33. /monitoring strategy Goals Questions Metrics

  34. /monitoring strategy Goals Questions Metrics

  35. When When to implement metrics strategy?

  36. /how Mature organization/project Transparency Aligned interests

  37. Examples

  38. Activity What?

  39. /activity

  40. /activity

  41. /activity

  42. Community Who?

  43. /community

  44. /community

  45. /community

  46. /community Onion model ASF Pony factor 80% contrib.: 7 core

    devs 15% contrib.:~ 40 regular 5% contrib: ~ 85 casual Pony factor: 1
  47. /community

  48. /community

  49. Performance How?

  50. /performance

  51. /performance

  52. Communities Bitergia CHAOSS InnerSource Commons InnerSource Spain You are not

  53. /bitergia

  54. /Bitergia

  55. /chaoss Community Health Analytics Open Source Software

  56. /innersource commons Inner Source Commons “...establish a body of knowledge

    and to educate individuals, commercial and non-profit organizations, research centers and other institutions about the successful adoption of InnerSource best practices…”
  57. /innersource commons … and many more!

  58. /innersource spain

  59. Software Development Analytics for your peace of mind CEO

    at Bitergia