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Measuring OpenStack What we track and why

Measuring OpenStack What we track and why

Talk at OpenStack Summit in November 2013. Software development activity board for the OpenStack Foundation.



November 08, 2013


  1. 1/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Measuring OpenStack What we track and

    why OpenStack Summit, 8th Nov, 2013 AsiaWorld Expo, Hong Kong
  2. 2/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Activity Board Basic and advanced development

    metrics – Basic: • Current, aggregated and evolutionary metrics
  3. 3/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Activity Board Basic and advanced development

    metrics – Advanced: • Structure of the community (demography) • Actionable dashboard: do it yourself!
  4. 4/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Free / Open Source Software Toolset

    *Grimoire: set of tools for – Data gatherging MetricsGrimoire, to get data from: – SCM (Source Code Management) – SCR (Source Code Review) – ITS (Issue Ticketing System) – MLS (Mailing List Stats), IRC – Data analisys VizGrimoireR, statistical analisys based on R – Data visualization VizGrimoireJS, HTML5 visualization
  5. 5/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Future of the Activity Board •

    OpenStack software development open data – Already available databases and JSON files – REST API /Other options • Extensibility by third parties – with proper documentation • In depth analysis of the community to improve transparency • What do you want to have?
  6. 6/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Future of the Activity Board More

    ideas around: • Time to fix, time to review, performance indexes, etc. • Comparison between projects, to help in the development of specific policies if needed (e.g.: may core projects have special attention/better resources?) • Looking for bottlenecks (great job done by Russel with Gerrit!) • Mentors metric (great idea by Stackalytics guys!) • Meetups measurements
  7. 7/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Smart metrics "If you can not

    measure it, you can not improve it" Lord Kelvin (1824 - 1907)
  8. 8/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Daniel Izquierdo Cortázar Chief Data Engineer @dizquierdo
  9. 9/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Bitergia Open Source tools Project :

    code repositories, tickets, bugs, mailing lists, forums... Data gathering Data management Statisctical analisys Visualization *Grimoire tools
  10. 10/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Open Source + Open Data On

    the web with an Open License Machine-readable data Non-propietary format Data are more important than the charts More info: