Measuring OpenStack What we track and why

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November 08, 2013

Measuring OpenStack What we track and why

Talk at OpenStack Summit in November 2013. Software development activity board for the OpenStack Foundation.



November 08, 2013


  1. 1/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Measuring OpenStack What we track and

    why OpenStack Summit, 8th Nov, 2013 AsiaWorld Expo, Hong Kong
  2. 2/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Activity Board Basic and advanced development

    metrics – Basic: • Current, aggregated and evolutionary metrics
  3. 3/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Activity Board Basic and advanced development

    metrics – Advanced: • Structure of the community (demography) • Actionable dashboard: do it yourself!
  4. 4/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Free / Open Source Software Toolset

    *Grimoire: set of tools for – Data gatherging MetricsGrimoire, to get data from: – SCM (Source Code Management) – SCR (Source Code Review) – ITS (Issue Ticketing System) – MLS (Mailing List Stats), IRC – Data analisys VizGrimoireR, statistical analisys based on R – Data visualization VizGrimoireJS, HTML5 visualization
  5. 5/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Future of the Activity Board •

    OpenStack software development open data – Already available databases and JSON files – REST API /Other options • Extensibility by third parties – with proper documentation • In depth analysis of the community to improve transparency • What do you want to have?
  6. 6/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Future of the Activity Board More

    ideas around: • Time to fix, time to review, performance indexes, etc. • Comparison between projects, to help in the development of specific policies if needed (e.g.: may core projects have special attention/better resources?) • Looking for bottlenecks (great job done by Russel with Gerrit!) • Mentors metric (great idea by Stackalytics guys!) • Meetups measurements
  7. 7/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Smart metrics "If you can not

    measure it, you can not improve it" Lord Kelvin (1824 - 1907)
  8. 8/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Daniel Izquierdo Cortázar Chief Data Engineer @dizquierdo
  9. 9/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Bitergia Open Source tools Project :

    code repositories, tickets, bugs, mailing lists, forums... Data gathering Data management Statisctical analisys Visualization *Grimoire tools
  10. 10/10 19/03/14 @bitergia Open Source + Open Data On

    the web with an Open License Machine-readable data Non-propietary format Data are more important than the charts More info: