Short Bitergia presentation

Short Bitergia presentation

Short updated presentation about the things we do in Bitergia. More info:



July 18, 2014


  1. Bitergia /

  2. Software development analytics for your peace of mind Bitergia

  3. Software development is about people Bitergia /

  4. People using a lot of different tools Bitergia /
  5. Questions Bitergia / What's the activity by project?

    What is the project contributors rentention rate? Who are our core developers? How much does a contributor coding, answering emails, code reviewing, etc.? What are the most relevant topics in the mailing lists? Which companies have entered in the project? Which ones have leave? You need data to answer those questions and take smart decissions How active is my company in the whole project? Who are the top contributors that I could hire? Where are my bottlenecks? How long does it take an issue to get solved?
  6. Grimoire technology Bitergia Data gathering Data management Statistical analisys Visualization / FREE / LIBRE OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE Plan Do Check Act
  7. Bitergia services Bitergia / Plan Do Check Act

    Grimoire Dashboards Detailed reports Custom metrics
  8. Project development overview Bitergia / (beta)

  9. Detailed view for each data source Bitergia / (beta)
  10. Detailed view for each data source Bitergia /
  11. Customized for your project Bitergia /

  12. Some of our customers Bitergia /

  13. Bitergia /