Software Development Analytics, an Introduction

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November 14, 2017

Software Development Analytics, an Introduction

Intro to the things done by Bitergia and to the topic of software development analytics. Presented at BBVA Data & Analytics.



November 14, 2017


  1. Software Development Analytics BBVA D&A Daniel Izquierdo, CDO @dizquierdo
  2. /me GrimoireLab (CHAOSS Community) InnerSource Commons PhD in Free Software

    Engineering Founder of Bitergia, CDO
  3. /bitergia Software Development Analytics for your peace of mind

  4. /grimoirelab

  5. Translate raw data into priceless info Focus on activity, community

    and process Not that big datasets! ~ Hundreds of GBs Deep context understanding /software development analytics
  6. Starting from scratch

  7. /from scratch Datasets are everywhere Overwhelming task What’s the right

    metric to use?
  8. /why Awareness Lead a change Motivational actions

  9. /what Activity Community Process Code Licenses

  10. /how Method Strategy Infrastructure

  11. So what? Steps

  12. /perceval - retrieval $ perceval git “” { "Author": "Santiago

    Dueñas <>", "AuthorDate": "Wed May 25 17:21:42 2016 +0200", "commit": "8c4f54b63ee136302c16ddec2ab2b604d2de9715", "files": [ {...
  13. /enrichment Clean Massage Understand Enrich

  14. /dashboard

  15. Use Cases

  16. /xen bottlenecks Looking for bottlenecks Slower and slower code review

    process They had some opinions from developers 8 Use cases were defined and implemented in a dashboard Xen Bottlenecks (Performance Panel)
  17. /key developers Knowledge evolution Eg: From hidden knowledge to shared

    knowledge Eg: Who’s this developer working with? Areas of knowledge? Python Interpreter Analysis
  18. /risk assessment Main players in a project Eg: Should we

    invest resources in this project? Eg: Main companies participating? Main players? Controlled areas of code? Symphony Foundation Git Panel
  19. /timing From user stories to deployment Eg: How fast are

    we implementing requirements? Eg: How long does it take each of the phases of the development? Feature request -> backlog -> developing -> reviewing process -> CI -> entering into master -> more CI -> deployed in customer OPNFV Jira Timing Panel
  20. Bonus Track

  21. /bonus GrimoireLab: Tools for software development analytics https://grimoirelab.github.i o

  22. /bonus GrimoireLab training Managing InnerSource Projects Deployment: code,

    pip, docker...
  23. Summary

  24. /summary From raw to priceless data Data to make decisions

    Strategy and Method Useful for Open and Inner Source Projects
  25. Software Development Analytics BBVA D&A Daniel Izquierdo, CDO @dizquierdo