WebRTC: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

0bc29a0e5e6fc84e02620dbb2d562ae5?s=47 Ben Klang
February 17, 2016

WebRTC: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

Presented at Asterisk Africa 2016

WebRTC is a huge opportunity to bring real-time voice, video, and text to the developers changing the world today. We're not just talking about traditional telecom development; we're talking about the web and mobile developers that are building businesses from startups to enterprises. However, as approachable as WebRTC is, it's still often misunderstood. This talk is a practical overview of WebRTC, answering the questions:
* What is WebRTC? What technologies comprise it?
* What does a typical WebRTC deployment look like? What client and server pieces are necessary? What is the "Hello World" of WebRTC?
* What options do I have to take advantage of WebRTC today with little to no development effort?
* What choices do developers have for sending voice, video, text, and data? What libraries and services exist, and what can they provide?
* What is signaling vs. media? What control do I have over the quality of my audio & video?


Ben Klang

February 17, 2016