Resiliency in Elasticsearch & Lucene

9a2049bf377d85f15dd1f7a3ce697a68?s=47 Boaz Leskes
September 03, 2015

Resiliency in Elasticsearch & Lucene

As one of the most popular search engines based on Apache Lucene, Elasticsearch recognizes the crucial importance of being resilient to hardware and network failure. This is why Elastic invests a lot to enable Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene detect and cope with increasingly complex failures. Elasticsearch’s lead developer, Boaz Leskes, will cover the recent highlights and future plans of the company’s resiliency strategy. He will explain all aspects of Elasticsearch, ranging from the lowest level of a single file, through network connection of a single node, and all the way up to distributed failures on the cluster level. Even though the talk is about possible failures and various coping strategies, participants will also get an interesting peek under the hood and learn about the inner workings of Elasticsearch.

Talk was given at a Textkernel Talks event:


Boaz Leskes

September 03, 2015