Life of a Document in Elasticsearch

9a2049bf377d85f15dd1f7a3ce697a68?s=47 Boaz Leskes
November 25, 2015

Life of a Document inĀ Elasticsearch

This a variant an Elastic{ON} 15 talk with the same title. This talk was given a the Vrije Universiteit as a guest lecture.

Ever wondered about the lifecycle of a single document in Elasticsearch? What happens when you index it? How does Elasticsearch ensure a document is replicated and found across the whole cluster reliably? Does deleting a document really physically remove the document from disk? How do we get from a blob of text and keywords to near real-time search and analytics?

This talk will explain the when, where and why of your document's life inside of Elasticsearch. Alex and Boaz will take you through the journey of a document across a cluster, taking off with JSON and the curly braces, travelling through the network into the memory and all the analysis chains, heading further onto storage when writing into the transaction logs and Apache Lucene index, being read back by executing searches, all the way until the document is finally deleted.

Even though this talk will cover a lot of different aspects, it's a talk for those who may be less familiar with core searchfunctionality. You do not need to be an Apache Lucene wizard to follow along and find this session useful.


Boaz Leskes

November 25, 2015