Origin -The blockchain platform for building decentralized marketplaces-

Origin -The blockchain platform for building decentralized marketplaces-



November 19, 2018


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    Platform transaction fee revenues expected to grow to $40B in

    the next five years ($18B in 2017) The emergence of Ethereum and IPFS as viable decentralized technologies makes truly peer-to-peer marketplace transactions possible for the first time ever 4M Listings 3M Drivers 8M Bikes Market size and timing 3 Gross bookings on the sharing economy are expected to exceed $335B by 2025
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    Redistribute value Remove 20-30% in transaction fees Lower fees Reward

    users of the platform Bring goods and services to regulated regions Promote open commerce Our Mission 4 Give 2 billion unbanked users access to Serve the unbanked FINANCIAL INCENTIVE
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    Technology Platform ORIG IN PLATF O RM O P E

    N - S O U R C E 100% Developer libraries User-friendly decentralized application enables buyers and sellers to meet, communicate, and DApp Easy-to-use Javascript library allows developers to build a decentralized marketplace in minutes Blockchain standards for user identity, publishing listings, and peer-to-peer transactions Open-source protocols
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    Self-sovereign identity • Users manage their identities with smart contracts

    associated with their Ethereum wallets • Users get third-party attestations from attestation providers The ERC-725 identity standard 8
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    Decentralized messaging • Looks and feels “just like” centralized messaging

    • Built on IPFS Pubsub, OrbitDB • Uses ephemeral messaging keys Secure, auditable, and decentralized chat 10
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    Buying and selling on Origin • Listing metadata stored on

    IPFS • Transactional and mission-critical data stored on-chain • Implements escrow and basic Smart contract-enabled transaction flows 11
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    Upcoming launch: Mobile wallet • Removes need for Metamask •

    Compatible with mobile Safari • Removes need for crypto-specific browsers like Coinbase Wallet, Trust Browser, and Mist Painless mobile transactions 13
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    Upcoming launch: Marketplace builder • Built off of core Origin

    DApp • Allows for custom branding, listing types, and other modifications Easy creation tool for 3rd- party marketplaces 14
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    Meta-transactions • Uses proxy contracts to allow DApps to pay

    for gas on behalf of users • Reduces friction during user onboarding Sponsored gas for free app interactions 15
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    Timeline 17 Q2 2018 Launch beta on Ethereum testnet October

    2018 Launch beta on Ethereum mainnet Q4 2018 Build v2 features and generate early sales Q1 2019 Marketplace builder 3rd-party DApps Q2 2019 Fully customizable 3rd-party DApps December 2017 Launch alpha on Ethereum testnet 1 2 3 4 5 6 Product Roadmap
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    50 contributors have made 533 pull requests and 2,447 commits

    IPFS Development by the numbers Built on Ethereum, IPFS, & JSONSchema Visit our Github 18
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    The Origin community is growing rapidly around the globe Community

    19 2650 Members 31,259 Users 5,432 Followers 14,226 Followers 2,044 Users
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    Investors 20 Gil Penchina Angel investor in Paypal, LinkedIn, Discord,

    Ripple Steve Jang Founding advisor and angel investor to Uber Randall Kaplan Founder of Akamai, angel to Google, Didi, Lyft Garry Tan Partner at Y Combinator Alexis Ohanian Founder of Reddit, 3rd largest site on internet Angels