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Email is a Team Sport - VDPM Meetup October 2016

Boris Mann
October 26, 2016

Email is a Team Sport - VDPM Meetup October 2016

How to think about email practices in your organization, how to build knowledge in your company, and how you should manage email with your entire team.

Don't be a solo inbox hero, email is a team sport!

Presented to the Vancouver Digital Project Managers Meetup https://www.meetup.com/Vancouver-Digital-Project-Managers/events/234925545/

Boris Mann

October 26, 2016

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  1. What’s wrong with email? Knowledge trapped in individual inboxes Discussions

    can’t be passively discovered / shared Doesn’t build knowledge You’re not “working out loud”
  2. Ye Olde Emaile Skillz Many email “best practices” have already

    been lost to us Top posting an answer, explanation, or other details when it’s a response to something that comes after Trimming a long email to just the relevant bits, or trimming a long chain of previous replies Editing the subject when … there is a new subject being discussed
  3. –@LizzieSkurnick “ A word for the email you put off

    responding to because you want to give it your full attention—and never answer”
  4. Inbox Zero? If you’re going to use email as a

    to-do list, then do it properly Every email in your inbox is a to-do File it, schedule it, or respond to it Newer email apps understand this (e.g. Mailbox schedule / snooze innovation)
  5. Zero Internal Emails Why do you send email to someone

    else in your company? What collaboration tools do you use? How are you building knowledge internally?
  6. Are you in an email first culture? Have a question?

    Send an email! Want to let everybody in the office/ company/world know about something? Send an email! Bonus points: CC extra people!
  7. Are you in an ask on Slack first culture? Unless

    Slack is managed, people get lazy and just ask the same question all the time, too Naming conventions, automation, teaching people how to mute / manage notifications Bots might have some play here
  8. Treat Email as Border Messaging Your company is a hill

    fort, and you stockpile knowledge and short messages internally. Externally, you work together to catapult out messages, and to catch the incoming flood of emails.
  9. Company Email is Owned by the Company Take advantage of

    this to turn it into a team sport We do this for projects, why not for email?
  10. Whose job is it to write it down? How do

    you get volunteer scribes? How do you elevate note taking? How do you build knowledge in your company?
  11. Zombie email: 1) the thread that keeps getting reply-all-ed 2)

    the long running discussion which gets re-forwarded when someone is looking for the same thing again
  12. Team Sport Drafting, copy editing Scaling individuals Best person for

    the job Working out loud Links for everything
  13. Photo Credits Banksy Email Stencil, Bruno Girin https:// www.flickr.com/photos/brunogirin/2484786902 Boris

    in a Quip shirt, Rachael Ashe http:// rachaelashe.com Hill fort, Josh Bushinsky https://www.flickr.com/ photos/38276395@N00/88987780/ Cat inbox, Citizen Helder https://www.flickr.com/ photos/citizenhelder/4679777914