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The Many Chain, Many Token Future

725e3e8f63148459cdbb84f4d673d0ad?s=47 Boris Mann
October 24, 2017

The Many Chain, Many Token Future


Boris Mann

October 24, 2017

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  1. The Many Chain, Many Token Future Monage • Boston •

    Oct 24, 2017
  2. Boris Mann @bmann • Open Source 1.0 • Online community,

    Social Media pre-hashtag • First Startup Accelerator in Canada • Seed investing • Now: Blockchain, Open Source & Community with a business model
  3. Three Definitions of Blockchain • Blockchain as Innovation • Blockchain

    as Public Chain • Blockchain as Ethos Credit: Lisa Cheng, Co-founder Vanbex / EtherParty
  4. Three Definitions of Open Source • Open Source as Legal

    Innovation • Open Source as Collaboration • Open Source as Ethos
  5. Bitcoin as first chain • Next coins / chains all

    “alts” — fork Bitcoin code base • C++ is hard… • Miners wanted
  6. Ethereum: the token chain • Ethereum defines ERC20 — a

    token standard • An explosion of tokens — no C++, no mining • Or: the WordPress of tokens?
  7. None
  8. “33/ You could argue that investing in Ether is betting

    on the total economic value of all the tokens built on top of Ethereum.”
  9. What do tokens give us? • “direct communications between people,

    which are capable of storing and transmitting economic value.”
 — Vinay Gupta
  10. Tokens as Fashion?

  11. “2014 $DOGE noob explosion: attracted by creating own value parallel

    to #bitcoin w/ consumer equipment, against libertarian maximalist ethos.”
  12. None
  13. “Crazy thing is $crypto could monetize this megaphone multitude, and

    make it the 2020 paradigm. I guess we’ll see what’s in store for ICO OGs”
  14. None
  15. “Our brains evolved to value scarce objects to achieve fit

    and adapt to the environment.”
  16. None
  17. “[tokens are] backed by our collective appreciation…as we gain certainty

    of [their] future value & circulation we use [theme] more and more”
  18. “the entire world of humans is the history of stories.

    Religion, gold, clam shells as currencies, gold, and democracy.”
  19. Does your dapp need a token? • …for dapps that

    require coordination to succeed it is indeed sustainable and that dapps that have tokens will succeed over those that don’t, as long as the cost introduced isn’t more than the gains in coordination.
 — Simon de la Rouviere
  20. “23/ So, when you’re betting on [tokens], you’re betting on

    the Gross Economic Value of the economy in the future.”
  21. “38/ $meme Rare pepe’s proxy is the total amount of

    demand for collectibles across the world. Estimates range from 7B to 200B annually.”
  22. The Future Contains Multitudes • More chains: optimized for consortia,

    different use cases (like bulletin boards?) • easily cross-linked into each other; public APIs • MOAR TOKENS: BorisCoin, MemberCoin, etc. etc. • Worth nothing until they’re worth something • Power laws or website logins, apps on your phone?
  23. Boris Mann • @bmann https://frontierfoundry.co

  24. “Do you want to be a crypto cowboy or a

    pig farmer?”
  25. “So, how does the conversation go with your mom. ‘So

    mom, I’m now a crypto investors! Which is the equivalent of investing in pork.’”
  26. Vinay Gupta • Programmable Blockchains in Context https://medium.com/humanizing- the-singularity/by-the-end-of-this-article-youre-going-to-understand- blockchains-in-general-and-ethereum-a-next-e11df6a1d7cf

    • What does Ether $100 mean? https://medium.com/humanizing-the- singularity/what-does-ether-100-mean-bb58522f781e • “A smart contract is a tool for changing the world.” • “direct communications between people, which are capable of storing and transmitting economic value.”
  27. None
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    https://twitter.com/TokenHash/ status/916381789815320577 • Simon de la Rouviere, Does your dapp need a token? https:// medium.com/@simondlr/does-your- dapp-need-a-token-39412fd3c62c • @notsofast https://twitter.com/ notsofast/status/ 920790486574649345 • Sizhao Yang @zaoyang https:// twitter.com/zaoyang/status/ 901099062254030848 • Shelling Out: The Origins of Money, Nick Szabo http:// nakamotoinstitute.org/shelling-out/