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Collaborating to Deliver Better Data Management Services

Collaborating to Deliver Better Data Management Services

Presentation given with Kristin Briney, LITA Forum 2015.


Brianna Marshall

November 15, 2015


  1. Collaborating to Deliver Better Data Management Services BRIANNA MARSHALL University

    of Wisconsin-Madison KRISTIN BRINEY University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [ LITA Forum | Minneapolis, MN | November 15, 2015 ]
  2. About Us BRIANNA Digital Curation Coordinator Lead, Research Data Services

    UW-Madison @notsosternlib KRISTIN Data Services Librarian UW-Milwaukee @KristinBriney
  3. Comparing Our Institutions UW-MADISON ~30,000 undergrads ~9,000 grad students ~5,000

    special Research 1 institution $1.1 billion research spending (2013) UW-MILWAUKEE ~23,000 undergrads ~5,000 grad students Carnegie “High” research institution $59 million/year research spending Access school 90% of students from Wisconsin More diverse student body Race/Ethnicity Age In-person/Online/FLEX

  5. Research Data Services (RDS) – Education + training – Consultations

    – Data management plans (DMPs) researchdata.wisc.edu @UWMadRschSvcs
  6. RDS Team

  7. Image courtesy of Flickr user matthewhester (CC BY NC)

  8. Image courtesy of Flickr user Jukle Bot (CC BY NC)

  9. ...THEN

  10. [ researchdata.wisc.edu ] + NOW

  11. RDS Brown Bag Talks [ http://researchdata.wisc.edu/holz-series/ ]

  12. RDS Digest

  13. RDS Twitter @UWMadRschSvcs

  14. Education + Training Examples • 1.5 day workshop, Ecology department

    (fall 2014) • Forestry dept. training, spreadsheets and metadata (spring 2015) • BIOCORE undergraduate class talks (fall 2015) • Hope Lab training, file organization (fall 2015)
  15. Data Information Literacy Reading Group • Fall 2015 • Participants

    (12) ◦ Liaison librarians ◦ Information literacy librarians ◦ Graduate students ◦ Library IT ◦ Academic IT • Goals ◦ Explore RDM/info lit intersections in a fun, interdisciplinary way ◦ Create data management evangelists! • Outputs ◦ Monthly notes ◦ Teaching + Learning Forum talk [ http://www.briannamarshall.com/2015/09/27/dil-reading-group ]
  16. RDM doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Image courtesy of Flickr

    user SenseiAlan (CC BY)
  17. Connecting RDS to the broader landscape at UW UW OPEN

  18. Image courtesy of Flickr user tind (CC BY NC ND)

    liaison librarian training data storage + archiving policy data information literacy assessment

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  24. OpenRefine Mapping with QGIS Regular Expressions TEI Data Day +

    R workshop series
  25. Strategic planning! Projects with Madison? Data collection? Integrate services? Outreach?

    Bernard Goldbach https://www.flickr.com/photos/topgold/4068417024/ (CC BY)
  26. UW Collaborations

  27. Joint UW System Efforts New Motto: “One System, One Library”

    Technology Primo Alma Purchasing DPLA Wisconsin Hub Data Services?
  28. Why Joint Data Services? Building new services is hard! •

    Landscape is changing quickly • Limited local resources • Benefit from shared energy + interest Makes sense to share resources and knowledge • Some projects successful, some less so • Important thing is that we’re trying to find ways forward
  29. Opening Lines of Communication

  30. Videos [ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9MT-uDcJJgSXQWC9JvlfeQ ]

  31. Midwest Data Librarians Symposium

  32. Midwest Data Librarians Symposium

  33. Lessons Learned No top-down mandate for this! • Partnership can

    work on a project-by-project basis - personal relationships matter • Difficult when providing data support is so local, though • Limited local resources (people, technology, etc.) How do we transition from low-hanging fruit on each campus to informal partnership to formal partnership?
  34. Future Projects Training liaison librarians Teaching materials Collecting data •

    Collection development policy (file formats, size limitations, curation) • Metadata recommendations • Licensing standards • DOIs / DataCite Formalize relationship on System-level? State-level? Sharing information!
  35. Thank you! Questions? BRIANNA MARSHALL Lead, Research Data Services UW-Madison

    brianna.marshall@wisc.edu KRISTIN BRINEY Data Services Librarian UW-Milwaukee briney@uwm.edu