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Practical Ideas for Developing Online Engagement

Practical Ideas for Developing Online Engagement

Webinar given as part of the LYRASIS eGathering. May 2015.


Brianna Marshall

May 20, 2015


  1. practical ideas for developing meaningful online engagement Brianna Marshall |

    LYRASIS eGathering | May 2015
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  3. 1. background 2. blogs 3. social media 4. final takeaways

  4. [ 2010 – present ]

  5. [ 2012 – 2014 ]

  6. [ 2014 – present ]

  7. [ 2014 – present ]

  8. Image courtesy of Flickr user lac-bac (CC BY)

  9. energy personality workflows THAT WORK + my philosophy?

  10. Image courtesy of Flickr user libertygrace0 (CC BY)

  11. let’s face it… the web 2.0-centric 2000s killed our desire

    to talk about online engagement
  12. Image courtesy of Flickr user davegray (CC BY ND)

  13. Image courtesy of Flickr user flattop341 (CC BY)

  14. Image courtesy of Flickr user james_mann (CC BY) but there

    are some key takeaways   our contexts may be different  
  15. Image courtesy of Flickr user diversey (CC BY)

  16. how do we fail?

  17. Image courtesy of Flickr user a_real_horrorshow_devotchka (CC BY) zero personality

  18. Image courtesy of Flickr user doctabu (CC BY) too much

    promotion + marketing
  19. not enough regular content not enough regular content Image courtesy

    of Flickr user susivinh (CC BY ND)
  20. why do we fail?

  21. we’re already wearing too many hats Image courtesy of Flickr

    user artvintage1800s (CC BY)
  22. Image courtesy of Flickr user tallchris (CC BY) it’s hard

    to know where to start
  23. it’s hard to come by (fresh) shareable content Image courtesy

    of Flickr user emarquetti (CC BY SA)
  24. + we lose the Image courtesy of Flickr user pinkmoose

    (CC BY))  
  25. Image courtesy of Flickr user tweek (CC BY SA)

  26. Image courtesy of Flickr user tweek (CC BY SA) start

  27. Image courtesy of Flickr user tweek (CC BY SA) start

    over try again
  28. Image courtesy of Flickr user tweek (CC BY SA) start

    over try again move on
  29. blogs

  30. Image  courtesy  of  Flickr  user  owenwbrown  

  31. challenges •  Coming up with post topics •  Actually writing

    the posts •  Keeping to a regular schedule •  Consistent style + tone •  Promotion
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  33. “I don’t know what to write.” - everyone tasked with

    writing a blog post ever
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  35. how-tos share services interview/ Q+A promote events link roundups

  36. minimizing handholding

  37. None
  38. None
  39. minimizing ugliness

  40. maximizing consistency

  41. None
  42. None
  43. None
  44. “*@#%?!” - everyone asked to find an image for their

    blog post
  45. None
  46. where to find images •  Creative Commons Search •  Flickr

    Creative Commons (where 99% of the images used in this talk originated!) •  Wikimedia Commons •  Public Domain Pictures
  47. be proactive!

  48. making it as easy as possible

  49. None
  50. download (and adapt for yourself!) this blog content + style

    guide: http://tinyurl.com/BlogGuideTemplate [ http://www.briannamarshall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/ LITA_ContentStyleGuide_Editable.docx ]
  51. Image  courtesy  of  Flickr  user  blakespot  (CC  BY)  

  52. anatomy of a super simple blog post Image courtesy of

    Flickr user liverpoolhls (CC BY)

    … more content ] ß IMAGE CONTENT CHUNKING (BULLET POINTS + BOLDED HEADERS) http://researchdata.wisc.edu/storing-data/manage-your-data-with-labarchives/
  54. lingering thoughts on blogs •  Good images are key! • 

    Make it easy for people to contribute. •  You blog probably won’t get comments. Instead, the conversation will happen on social media.
  55. HIGH FIVE! Image courtesy of Flickr user shaireproductions (CC BY)

  56. social media

  57. 80/20 shareable content promotional content

  58. clarify your audience + pick platforms accordingly

  59. Image courtesy of Michael Rodriguez

  60. http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/01/09/demographics-of-key-social-networking-platforms-2/

  61. consider your approach(es)

  62. None
  63. http://uispeccoll.tumblr.com/post/119134431497/continuing-with- national-photograph-month-heres

  64. https://twitter.com/MdHistoricalSoc/status/595258838200221696

  65. None
  66. None
  67. 71% of adult internet users 58% of entire adult population

  68. https://www.facebook.com/pages/College-Library/6130983219

  69. lingering thoughts on facebook •  It’s where the old people

    are! •  Localized audience. •  No character restriction; share stories. •  Give users something to react to and you’ll get a lively commentary. •  1-2 posts per day, max.
  70. 23% of adult internet users 19% of entire adult population

  71. None
  72. top twitter tips from michael rodriguez (@topshelver)

  73. 1. Use hashtags + keywords 2. Schedule posts 3. Reward

    followers 4. Read your analytics 5. Incorporate images 6. Share external content
  74. a template for scheduling tweets to share content courtesy of

    Hack Library School community managers Nicole Helregel + Joanna June
  75. Post #1: Between 1PM and 2:30PM (EST) [NEW] Slaying the

    dissertation dragon, part 1: why a research project, and your first steps - http://ow.ly/JcOmt - @sarahfhume on theses format example [NEW] Title of Post - shortened_link - short description including the author’s twitter handle
  76. Post #2: Between 2:30 and 3:30PM (EST) format example A

    different description of the post or a short quote, including the author’s twitter handle, with the link at the end "This project can be your USP (unique selling point) in a job interview" - @sarahfhume, on theses/dissertations: http://ow.ly/JcPMu
  77. Post #3: Between 4:30 and 6:30PM (EST) format example A

    question or two and then a call for commentary/sharing, with the link at the end. Anyone working on an #LIS thesis or dissertation? Have advice to share? http://ow.ly/JcPYP
  78. +

  79. 26% of adult internet users 21% of entire adult population

    (fastest growing platform!)
  80. http://www.nypl.org/blog/2014/12/23/20-ways-make-people-fall-love-your-instagram- guide-libraries-and-other-cultural

  81. #emojibooks

  82. #fakelitquote

  83. #museumselfie

  84. #libraryshelfie

  85. #libraryflair

  86. #bookface

  87. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/03/fashion/oh-those-clever-librarians-and-their-bookface.html

  88. lingering thoughts on instagram •  It’s where the young people

    are! •  Helps you tell your organization’s story. •  Visuals are compelling and fun. •  Easily connect with current events. •  Get inspired! http://www.polkacafe.com/top-library- instagram-accounts-1329.html
  89. None
  90. http://moma.tumblr.com/

  91. http://static.tumblr.com/9dv74fj/siomquy71/tumblr-l-anm-crop_v2.gif

  92. http://uispeccoll.tumblr.com/

  93. None
  94. http://uispeccoll.tumblr.com/post/113784937714/happy-miniature-monday-here-are-multiple-minis miniature mondays

  95. lingering thoughts on tumblr •  GIFs. Enough said.

  96. pulling it all together

  97. None
  98. Image courtesy of Flickr user quinnanya (CC BY SA)

  99. https://www.facebook.com/groups/LibrarySocial/

  100. “I thought I’d bring some glamour to this supermarket.” Image

    courtesy of Flickr user mobilestreetlife (CC BY ND)
  101. when the glamour is gone - OR - sustainability • 

    It can be thankless (so say thank you) •  When something isn’t working, address it sooner rather than later (don’t stew in guilt) •  Bring the fun (your energy will be matched) •  Ask for help (everything will get better)
  102. takeaways •  Find community within the field, but… •  Look

    beyond LAMs for inspiration + strategies too. •  Create straightforward documentation, templates, + checklists. •  Your mantra: find workflows THAT WORK. If they stop working, change them. •  Trust your vision, especially if you aren’t getting any guidance.
  103. takeaways •  Find + embrace your organization’s personality. •  Regular

    content (e.g. #BookFaceFriday, miniature Mondays) •  Consider different assessment approaches. •  Change + adapt with your audience. •  Don’t give up!
  104. Image courtesy of Flickr user andrewhurley (CC BY)

  105. Image courtesy of Flickr user 8106459@N07 (CC BY) thank you!

  106. Image courtesy of Flickr user 8106459@N07 (CC BY) thank you!

  107. Image courtesy of Flickr user shelleygibb (CC BY) @notsosternlib |

    briannamarshall.com | briannahmarshall@gmail.com stay in touch