Quick Tips for Building a WordPress Portfolio

Quick Tips for Building a WordPress Portfolio

Presentation given by Brianna Marshall in Bloomington, Indiana. Part of the Indiana University ASIS&T student chapter professional development talk series.


Brianna Marshall

February 10, 2014


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    Today I’ll discuss • Tips for creating your own WP

    portfolio • Examples of other LIS student portfolios • My experience with online portfolios
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    Why portfolios? • Looks professional • Helps you control your

    image • Googlability • Good incentive to do more! • Distinguish yourself from the masses (or at least try)
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    You never know when someone with your name will be

    involved in something newsworthy. You know, like having a baby kidnapped from them. They might even live in your home state. Assert what little control you have over your findability by creating a portfolio. (This is also why I’m a big fan of buying your domain name too. With time and attention it should keep you at the top.)
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    Picking a theme • Simpler is better • Go for

    responsive design • Make sure your theme has support • Really think about your content before you select your theme
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    Portfolio content • Your portfolio’s main purpose is to show

    off projects, presumably • Do you also want a blog? • Include links to PDF versions of your resume and/or CV
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    More tips • Invest in a domain name - it’s

    worth it • Don’t pay full price for hosting! Make sure to google for coupon codes • It’s going to take a lot of fiddling and frustration before you get it right, so give yourself time...
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    Even more tips • All the more reason to start

    this weekend! • Check up on your site and keep it updated • Connect your site to LinkedIn, Twitter, and other online presences
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    WP portfolio examples Anna-Sophia Zingarelli-Sweet - http://annasophiazingarelli.com/ • Spun theme

    (free) with minimal customization Dana Bublitz - http://www.danabublitz.com/ • Modified Dandelion theme from ThemeForest Joanna June - http://joannajune.com/ Kate Thornhill - http://www.katethornhill.com/ Trevor Owens - http://www.trevorowens.org/